Scissor lift tables

06 December 2017

Tecmach has supplied a manufacturing facility with scissor lift tables that have indexing turntables to improve efficiency and safer manual handling. This was part of a drive to reduce operator fatigue when transferring finished steel components from automated CNC machines onto trays on stillage.

The scissor lift tables in both1 and 2t versions have a heavy duty rectangular turntable on which the steel transport stillage can easily be loaded located.  The turntable has eight detent indexing positions so the operator can build the layers uniformly whilst easily reaching the entire stacking area without excessive stretching. This reduces operator fatigue and removes the risk of damage to the product as it can easily be positioned without contact with adjacent components. 

The turntable has electronic position detection, so the scissor lift table can only be lowed when the turntable is correctly aligned with the platform , this is part of the inclusive safety feature that eliminate any risk of a trap point. 

Control of the platform and loading height is by a heavy duty cast alloy foot switch so that the operator always have their hands free.

Tecmach scissor lifts can offer a full range of accessories that assist customers best their mechanical handling requirements.