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Automated assembly line

05 December 2017

Astec Conveyors has designed a flexible automated production assembly line to help reduce manual handling.

The new automated assembly line transfers pre-assembled cages along an accumulation conveyor to a specially designed 2-axis pick and place transfer unit.

Stacks of pallets are accumulated on a heavy duty twin chain conveyor system and a pallet de-stacker feeds single pallets into a guarded area to a position where the cages are automatically lifted onto the pallet via the 2-axis transfer unit.

Cage and pallet then proceed to the operator fixing station to be assembled/secured together and when complete, they transfer to a bottle insertion machine via a series of accumulation conveyors.

The system comprises heavy duty driven roller and twin chain pallet conveyors, turntables, 90° chain transfer unit and a pallet de-stacker.

The project was successfully designed, manufactured and installed complete with the electrical control system without any major impact on production and has virtually eliminated manual handling, delivering a 10% increase in productivity with a payback on the total project of 1.25 years.

Astec Conveyors can provide bespoke design, manufacture and installation of conveyor systems to meet individual handling requirements for light, medium or heavy duty applications in stainless steel or mild steel construction. Contact for further details.