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Precision torque testing system specified

13 February 2018

Mecmesin supplied a Helixa-i precision torque testing system to a global manufacturer and distributor of component parts.


A global manufacturer and distributor of component parts that are used in products across many industries including transport, beauty, consumer goods and healthcare, came to Mecmesin with a challenging torque measurement application. Their division in Thailand was manufacturing a new design of small rotary damper gear for their own customer. To enable the development of the product, specific performance targets had been set and there was a requirement to measure and report on the torque-to-turn characteristics of the gear. The very light torque values involved with such a small component needed an instrument with appropriate accuracy and sensitivity in order to provide meaningful data for confident comparison of differences from sample to sample.


Mecmesin supplied a Helixa-i precision torque testing system which is built to measure down to mN.m values with high accuracy—facilitated by precise and adjustable axial alignment of the rotational axis. The Mecmesin engineers modified the motor drive to increase its standard speed to 100 rpm maximum; a specific requirement of the customer's test procedure. In addition, a bespoke fixture was designed to support the damper gear sample. Helixa-i is computer-controlled by EmperorTM Torque software, which allows the user customer to write flexible and unique test programs, store them in a library of procedures and run them against any design variant or development sample. This in-house R&D capability to apply any test condition will boost the efficiency of the new product development cycle.


  • Helixa-i precision torque testing system with modified motor speed control
  • 0.1 N.m Helixa torque cell
  • Special damper gear holder fixture


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