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New company: new forklift safety range

01 March 2018

With offices in the UK, USA, Canada  and Australia, SumoSafe Global is a new company offering a range of products that are said to significantly reduce damage to palletised loads during the lift truck handling process  and make forklift trucks safer to operate.

“The SumoSafe range includes a number of simple yet highly innovative designs that make a real difference to any forklift operator’s business – both in terms of safety and the cost savings that can be made by cutting or even eliminating product damage,” says SumoSafe’s co-founder, Simon Ross.

“Any company that operates a forklift truck fleet – from a single truck upwards – has a duty to ensure that its lift truck operators and the personnel who work around forklifts have the safest possible working environment.

“And, of course, forklift-related product damage within the supply chain is a significant and expensive issue for many businesses. In fact, it is probably a bigger problem than the industry is prepared to admit with companies in a broad range of sectors suffering huge bottom-line losses every year as a result of careless handling.”

The SumoSafe range includes:

•  SumoSafefork - a lift truck fork that takes traditional steel tines and encases the tip within a protective glove. Made from industrial grade polyurethane, the glove limits the impact of a carelessly driven lift truck’s forks against a load. The results of independent industrial testing may be seen at https://www.sumosafe.net/products/sumoglove/ and indicate a short ROI.

•  SumoGlove – a variation on the SumoSafefork, SumoGloves are fitted to the tips of a lift truck’s existing forks quickly and easily. They are compatible with all common makes and size of forklift tine; 

•  SumoVision – a system that, as its name implies, improves an operator’s forward visibility even when sight lines are obscured by a large bulky load;

•  SumoLevel - a new forklift mast tilt indicator system designed to reduce the accidental damage and associated safety risks that are often caused to a pallet, the load and the racking by a lift truck’s forks during the pallet picking and put-away process;

•  SumoBackbone – a protective device that can be retrofitted to any make or model of lift truck to minimise the risk of an operator suffering a serious spine or whip-lash injury in the event of his or her truck being hit from the rear by another forklift or reversing into a stationery object.

 “The benefits to any organisation that installs SumoSafe technology will be quickly realised,” says Simon Ross.