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Vessel inspection system reduces manned entry

26 February 2018

Recently updated, the  current generation of the INVIZ SNK tank and vessel inspection camera allows a detailed inspection of confined spaces without requiring manned entry.

The SNK system delivers 40x optical zoom and a further 10x digital zoom, ensuring even very large tanks can be inspected –without the need to set up scaffolding or tie up resources for safety cover. Pan / tilt capability ensures the user can look around the entire structure, and an optional manhole tripod allows the system to be deployed through manways and inspection hatches from 150mm dia.

Included in the system is a pair of integrated high power LED lamps that ensure the internals are well lit, and the latest imaging module incorporates a low light enhancement capability, ensuring that inspectors and surveyors can get the highest quality images and video.

Paul Sacker of Crimson Industrial Vision says: "We have had a lot of interest from a wide variety of industries looking to document the condition of their assets and allow detailed inspection without manned entry. Customers from pharmaceutical, metal processing, petrochem and chemical industries are under increasing pressure to reduce risk and manned entry of vessels, yet still need good information of asset condition – the SNK system allows this.”