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Mass comparators create error-free and traceable calibration for weights to 64g

28 February 2018

Mettler Toledo’s new XPR comparator line provides accurate, fast and traceable mass determination for calibration labs as well as industrial clients. The comparators offer high repeatability and can support low MinWeight values, so can be used for weight calibration and for accurate measurement of extremely small goods at high tare loads. 

The almost universal task in business today is to increase quality while decreasing lead time. The field of weight calibration is no exception, as it becomes more and more difficult for customers in highly regulated industries to wait for calibrated weights. 

XPR mass comparators are helping labs and industrial clients provide intuitive, efficient and secure weight calibration processes at higher throughputs.

XPR’s sensitive, worry-free mass determination is assured by a range of features that enhance both accuracy and processing speed: 

  • MC Link calibration software offers flexible calibration process configuration, on-screen user guidance, automatic calculations and comprehensive data handling for easier, faster processes. MC Link also manages measurement uncertainty. All process information and calibration data is stored securely in a central database to fulfill your highest process-security requirements. Calibration certificates are printed with just one click.
  • The addition of StatusLight means operators never weigh when the comparator is out-of-calibration or off-level. A built-in indicator registers green when it is safe to calibrate, yellow when an issue needs attention, and red when a particular test is outdated. The user has the security of knowing that all acquired results meet predefined process requirements and relevant regulations.
  • LevelMatic delivers the utmost in reliability by reducing corner-load effects to an absolute minimum. 

Overall, these features help to streamline your daily task list and ensure the kind of accuracy demanded by your industry and clients. This helps you improve measurement quality while also enhancing throughput.

To learn more about how XPR mass comparators can help to bring about significant gains in your weighing and calibration operations or to obtain detailed information about MC Link software, please visit: www.mt.com/comparators