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Calculates service life of 3D-printed plain bearings

10 July 2018

The igus online service life calculator has been available to predict the service life of injection-moulded iglidur plain bearings for many years. Now, after extensive testing of its fused deposition modelling filaments and selective laser sintering materials, the iglidur Expert service life calculator also includes 3D-printed parts.

The 3D printing of iglidur plain bearings allows a high degree of freedom in engineering design and, at the same time, provides a high level of wear resistance of the components. Since the first iglidur tribofilament was introduced at the 2014 Hannover Messe, the range of materials has been expanded and extensively tested. To date, igus offers six filaments for the FDM process and two SLS materials, enabling engineers to print iglidur plain bearings, among other parts, for use in industrial applications immediately. 

Complemented with the igus 3D printing service, engineers can create parts in just three simple steps. From configuration to ordering, self-lubricating and maintenance-free prototypes or special parts for small batches can be printed easily. www.igus.co.uk/iglidur-expert