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Avoiding workplace skin damage: Whitepaper published

17 July 2018

Honeywell has published a free whitepaper on sources and causes of skin damage and irritation for health and safety managers to consider when protecting workers’ hands.

Called ‘Hand Protection: Understanding Skin Irritation in the Workplace’, it explores the risks involved in handling chemicals, provides an overview of the associated legislation and European standards and explains the role of personal protective equipment (PPE). 

The whitepaper explains the structure and fundamental function of the skin, and offers an overview of sources of skin damage and irritations, with a focus on those caused by chemicals. It also discusses the role of PPE and the importance of selecting the correct gloves for specific tasks. The paper illustrates how, in the selection of gloves affording chemical protection, it is important to identify the substances to be handled, identify the type and duration of contact with the substance and ensure that the gloves conform to the latest European Standards.

“Evidence suggests that, in the workplace, the hands are the most vulnerable part of the body and most likely to suffer damage or skin irritation,” said Stéphanie Quilliet, strategic product leader-EMEA for head and body products at Honeywell Industrial Safety. “Our whitepaper offers valuable insights into the key risks and implications health and safety managers need to know to protect workers who handle chemicals or other potentially hazardous substances and ensure compliance with safety regulations.” 

The whitepaper can be downloaded at:: https://hwll.co/SkinIrritation