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Brought to you by the team behind IPE and publishers of the highly regarded annual AirUser Guide, AirUser Live is a FREE-TO-ATTEND one day conference aimed at end user air power professionals.


Save the date - December 1st, 2021 at the Ricoh Arena - Coventry

With approximately 10% of all industrial electricity consumption attributable to the production of compressed air and around 70% of companies using compressed air for some aspect of operations, it's a subject matter that is at the very heart of UK industry. Widely regarded as a clean, safe energy source that can be readily used for a variety of different industrial purposes, there are however important issues associated with compressed air that users need to be well educated in.

AirUser Live, with its carefully curated seminar programme will bring together experts in the field, companies at the forefront of product and technological developments,and a select audience of attendees to inform, educate, debate and network.

Visitors will have the opportunity to:

Discover the latest products & technologies
Attend lively, on point seminar sessions
Network with professional peers

The seminar programme will address topical and enduring issues, for example:

Legal obligations:

While The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) have been around for 20 years, there is still a lack of awareness. Any company that uses or owns compressed air or gas systems comes under the criteria of the regulations; for the majority this means having the pressure system regularly inspected and certified by a competent person, as well as documenting all repairs and modifications.

Energy efficiency:

With concerns over the global climate crisis rising, the topic of energy has never been more important. Compressed air has traditionally been seen as a cheap form of power, which has meant that in some cases waste has not been properly dealt with. Appropriate pressure adjustment, leak testing and fixing, a clear usage policy and efficient delivery are all important considerations.

Health & safety:

Using compressed air brings a wide range of health and safety issues to be aware of. Orificial bodily entry, skin penetration, explosions and optical damage caused by particles are all dangers of air compression use. Over-pressurisation and associated risks, such as blockages, failure of automatic controls, malfunctions such as overspeeding, external fires nearby, overheating and deposit accumulation can all occur.

Training & apprenticeships:

The compressed air sector is not immune to the shortage of skilled engineers and workers currently facing UK industry. This means that training and apprenticeships should take top priority. The scope of the work undertaken is wide ranging and varied, often playing a vital role in the safety of an operation, as well as ensuring systems operate as efficiently as possible.


The full agenda, including the seminar programme, will be announced in April.

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