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Maximising the intelligence of metering in a data driven energy transition

26th June 2024 at 10:30am

Industrial sites in the UK are beginning to respond to the opportunities and challenges associated with energy and carbon transition. These challenges identify a need for investment in metering, data collection and utilisation to optimise operations and support the design of new low carbon solutions.

Modern heat and energy metering systems can provide over 10 useful multi-variables and diagnostics to support the business, therefore digitalisation is essential to maximise the intelligence within them and optimise operations.

Join Wes to discover how intelligent metering provides real insights into performance, enhancing energy efficiency and paving the way for cost-effective proactive maintenance.

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Improving productivity by changing the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) supply chain dynamics

The supply chain continues to be one of the major issues that manufacturing businesses are facing. In late 2023 ERIKS commissioned the Manufacturing Indirect Supply Chain Survey to look deeper at this problem - and this webinar explores The MRO Supply Chain Report that was subsequently produced in association with the IET.

Join IP&E and ERIKS on 1 May at 10:30am to explore the most significant findings from the report and to discuss potential solutions and alternative approaches from the presenters’ extensive experience.

Among the report’s revelations is the direct link between unscheduled downtime and the operation of the engineering stores, supply chain, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) procurement. The survey data clearly demonstrated that in 2023 the main causes of downtime in UK manufacturing was due to spares availability and lead time issues.

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Design and implementation of safety systems: Are we still out of control?

The seminal HSE publication Out of control: Why control systems go wrong and how to prevent failure was published 29 years ago and is still one of the most cited publications around functional safety. It showed that a majority of failures had their roots in decisions made before the plant or equipment was even constructed.

Controlling systematic errors during the full lifecycle of a safety system is vital to ensure that a safety function will operate correctly when required. Errors introduced at the specification, design and implementation lifecycle phase can be particularly difficult to foresee and may only be revealed during a ‘real demand’ unless actions are taken to identify them.

Over recent years there have been considerable efforts in reducing human error in the operational phases by concentrating on procedures, training, systems and software packages that prevent deviation during commissioning, verification and proof testing. The same cannot be said about activities during the design phase.

We will look at how design errors can impact the ability of a SIF to perform its safety function and how to reduce the incidence of design errors and discuss some of the ways in which reducing human error in the design phase can be achieved, with real world examples and particular emphasis on the selection of measurement transmitters.

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Smart Airflow for Efficient and Compliant LEV Systems: Safeguarding the Planet, Securing Your People

Dust and fume extraction systems play a crucial role in workplace safety and environmental compliance. But what if you could optimize these systems to dramatically reduce energy waste while guaranteeing peak performance and unwavering safety?

Join us for this transformative webinar where we'll unveil a breakthrough approach to LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems.


  • LEV extraction compliance overview
  • Hidden inefficiencies: Unmask the energy drain and potential safety hazards lurking within traditional extraction systems.
  • The next generation of extraction: Explore a cutting-edge solution that intelligently manages airflow, tailoring it to precise needs in real-time.
  • Witness how this revolutionary technology slashes energy costs by up to 70%, while ensuring optimal extraction for enhanced safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Expert insights: Get your questions answered by industry specialists and gain valuable knowledge on optimizing your extraction systems for maximum efficiency and safety.

Further discussion points:

  • Sustainability without compromise: Reduce your environmental footprint and operating costs significantly.
  • Unshakeable safety: Maintain constant airflow for optimal extraction and adherence to regulations.
  • Effortless control: Enjoy user-friendly operation and remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Rapid payback: Achieve fast ROI through dramatic energy cost reductions

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Practical steps to overcome labour shortages in the manufacturing industry

Although the manufacturing industry has been grappling with labour shortages for years, the challenge has been accelerated by events such as the Covid pandemic, Brexit, geopolitical disruptions and an ageing workforce.

According to PWC’s Annual Manufacturing Report 2020, British Manufacturers are facing the largest shortfall of skilled workers since 1989. Furthermore, a survey by Deloitte/Manufacturing Institute, projects that 2.69 million more manufacturing workers will retire by 2030.

The labour challenge, coupled with on-going supply chain disruptions has resulted in procurement, safety and supply chain leaders adapting a reactive, rather than a proactive, strategic approach to contractor sourcing and risk management.

To minimise project delays, health and safety risks and reputational damage, manufacturers must adopt a robust approach to contractor management and build partnerships with safe, credible and compliant contractors.

Join our sector supply chain expert, Rebecca Sperti to explore how to:

  • Re-build the foundations of your contractor network
  • Adopt a pro-active, not reactive approach to contractor management
  • Put strategic sourcing and pre-qualification at the heart of your contractor management strategy

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Strategies for Managing Supplier Risk in Manufacturing

In response to ongoing market, economic and regulatory changes, manufacturers have had to re-evaluate their entire supply chain network of contractors and suppliers, from tier one and beyond. Whether you work in heavy industry or more specialist operations you must ensure that your supply chain network is safe, sustainable, and operating ethically.

Deeper supply chains coupled with increased pressure to adapt to heightened safety and sustainability regulations means that manufacturers need greater levels of control, quality, and visibility of their entire supply chain.

Robust sourcing and pre-qualification are at the heart of a compliant supply chain, enabling you to expose weak links that could cause harm to your business, your people, and the planet. Are you confident that you have the visibility you need to comply?

oin our sector supply chain expert, Rebecca Sperti on Tuesday 14th February at 11:30 GMT where we will explore unique challenges to your business and provide insight on how to gain greater control, visibility and buy-in from your supply chain network.

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Improve the safety and efficiency of hydrogen production or carbon capture process with the right instrumentation

Energy transition and decarbonisation are essential to achieve the ambitious climate target of net zero by the middle of the century. Investments to reduce emissions are accelerating the use of carbon capture and storage as well as the adoption of hydrogen as a preferred fuel source across multiple sectors.

In carbon capture and in the production of both blue and green hydrogen, instrumentation plays a critical role. The correct measurement technology delivers real-time information from the field, allowing tighter process control for safe and efficient operation of the plant.

Covering topics from post-combustion carbon capture plants in Norway to coke ovens in steel mills in Germany, Neil Jackson, Endress+Hauser’s Oil & Gas Manager, will highlight real-world solutions such as blending control of hydrogen into natural gas and ensuring the quality of the feed water to electrolysers.

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Reducing Maintenance Time: Implementing Online Monitoring & Remote Lubrication with Ultrasound

Reducing the time needed for maintenance tasks is fundamental in today’s industrial facilities. Monitoring the condition of bearings, and especially lubrication, are among the most time-demanding tasks. Now, new solutions using ultrasound technology promise to dramatically reduce maintenance time, by coupling ultrasonic sensors, network-connected devices and single point lubricators. With this type of solution in place, maintenance teams can not only lubricate remotely, based on condition, but also reduce the time spent with lubrication by 95%!

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How to Enhance Supply Chain Compliance in the Manufacturing Sector

With an annual output of over £400 billion, the UK manufacturing sector is a major player in the worldwide market. Equally so, they’ve faced some of the steepest hurdles in the supply chain. In fact, 63% of enterprises in the manufacturing sector are discussing supplier risks at the board level and actively seeking to improve supply chain management in the business.

You’re determined to become resilient and build a stronger, more sustainable business. Labour shortages and other disruptions caused by COVID-19 have had an irreversible shift in the way that a manufacturing business sources, onboards and manages risk when working with suppliers and contractors in their supply chain.

Join us at our webinar – How to enhance supply chain compliance in Manufacturing – as we examine the unique challenges the manufacturing sector faces with supply chain compliance, and discuss the top tips for building safe, ethical supply chains.

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Ultrasound in the IIoT: Monitoring & Lubricating Bearings Remotely

Remote condition monitoring of bearings and precision lubrication executed anywhere, anytime, and from any device, is already a reality. Pairing the Internet of Things with Ultrasonic sensors has brought the development of innovative maintenance solutions that will take condition monitoring of assets to a whole new level, allowing maintenance teams to stop most bearing failures at its tracks.

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IPE Live

Our 2020 event focuses on Maintenance and is aimed at those with responsibility for managing maintenance and reliability

Seminars will cover:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • CMMS
  • Training & Asset Management

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Fall protection in complex environments

Protecting people while they work at height - particularly in complex environments and while operating heavy plant machinery - is a big responsibility. Getting fall protection wrong can have catastrophic consequences.

This webinar will provide you with an essential briefing on developing and delivering robust fall protection regimes in heavy industry, and will cover:

  • A 360° approach to fall protection - what does this look like?
  • The hierarchy of risk
  • An overview of the latest relevant standards and how they complement European Directive 2001/45/EC
  • The latest challenges in fall protection
  • Keeping every link in your fall protection chain strong
  • Robust fall protection in action

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Safe & effective communications in noisy environments

Working in noisy environments is dangerous. That's no secret.

With the clear risk of hearing damage an ever-present in noisy workplaces, 'Noise Induced Hearing Loss' (NIHL) is a rapidly-growing area for litigation and insurance claims. But the effects to the individual can be profound and life-changing.

This webinar includes an overview of the importance of hearing conservation, and an introduction to a range of solutions that can aid compliance, communication, situational awareness and productivity.

Presented by : Stephen Ellis, Technical Service Engineer, 3M

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How can you ensure that your employees truly have a safety voice?

Without an inclusive culture, many organisations struggle to remain complaint in health and safety, especially if they have a large, dispersed workforce and multiple contractors to contend with.

Organisations need to move beyond what they consider basic requirements, as effective health and safety doesn’t happen behind desks. Involving employees more widely in promoting a positive, inclusive safety culture, and encouraging them to actively talk safety can significantly increase levels engagement and drive improvements in safety behaviours.

During this webinar, presenters will discuss:

  • Common challenges faced in embedding an inclusive safety culture
  • Moving towards a “one culture” approach
  • How you can promote an inclusive safety culture through health and safety software to improve safety performance and behaviours.

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Driving Safely Into the Year 2020 - Vehicle & Transport Safety at Work

Every year, a significant number of people are killed or seriously injured by accidents involving vehicles in the workplace. Very often, customers and staff are vulnerable to being struck by a delivery vehicle or forklift truck. They can also be hit by something falling from a vehicle, typically during loading and unloading.

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Perception vs reality: The leadership challenge

Here's a question to the health and safety world. When was the last time you truly saw inspirational leadership around health and safety in an organisation?

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Southalls consultant Andy Hall and Kennedys law partner James Shrimpton share the realities of civil and regulatory actions, from defending claims to demonstrating due diligence.

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Selecting and specifying adequate and suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE) can appear daunting with so many factors to consider and so many options to choose from. However, help is at hand – join 3M’s Senior Application Engineer, George Elliott, for the ‘Four Steps to Respiratory Protection’ webinar on the 20th November.

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This webinar webinar will outline some of the recent advances in fire alarm management and introduce a range of innovative solutions which meet the unique and complex challenges of protecting historic buildings. National Trust will also explain key considerations for protecting historical premises from fires.

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Innovations in Robotics

Controls, Drives & Automation journal Managing Editor Charlotte Stonestreet will be joined by Pilz certified machine safety expert David Collier to discuss key innovations in the robotics sector.

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