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Hi-line industries are renowned in the compressed air industry as innovative designers and manufacturers of energy efficient air treatment products.  Focus is centred on “cost of ownership” over a long and reliable energy efficient life time. 

Typically purchase cost of a piece of air treatment equipment is only 15% of life time cost.  The vast bulk of the cost is energy; make sure that your purchase considers these lifetime costs.

As members of BCAS and sitting on various committees with a strong interest in designing and producing ‘low energy’ and ‘low carbon’ footprint products, Hi-lines mission is to produce air treatment products with the lowest possible cost of ownership over its life cycle.  With a strong team of highly qualified technicians to service, maintain and support all products.  Hi-line Industries are the ‘agenda setters’ in this industry sector.

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Alternative Oil/Water Separator Kits

We supply alternative Oil Water Separator Kits for the following manufacturers and many more...

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Alternative Elements & Filters

When alternative elements are supplied they will be of at least the performance of the original equipment, but due to the high flow rate of Hi-lines pleated media, in many cases the elements will actually outperform the original; therefore it is an 'upgrade' element...

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HTD Timed Solenoid Drains

For reliable, removal of water/oil condensate from a compressed air system. Available in: 12v, 24v, 110v and 240v. Inner/Outer Port Sizes: 1/2"e; and 3/8"e; General Information: Small Compact design, Fully Automatic - No maintenance, One model for all duties and simple to install.

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Breathing Air Standard - BE EN12021:2014

The quality of compressed air used in breathing apparatus is specified in the European Standard EN12021:2014 "Respiratory protective devices – Compressed Air for breathing apparatus."

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Filter Housings

High efficiency filtration for clean, dry and technically oil-free compressed air.

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Tundra Refrigeration Air Dryers

The Hi-line range of TUNDRA Fridge Dryers has been designed with energy efficiency and reliability, using modern concepts in air drying.

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ATACAMA Adsorption Dryers

The Atacama point of use desiccant dryers are designed to give high quality compressed air at point of use. The standard unit dries air to a dewpoint of -40C and comes with pre and after filtration. Lower dewpoint models are available on request.

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Desiccants/Molecular Sieve and Activated Carbon

Hi-line have an extensive range of Zeolites for all applications and throughout their history they have developed these exclusive hybrids...

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Exhaust Air Mufflers/Silencers

The Hi-line Muffler quietens Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB) superbly.

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Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

In rounded figures 79% of our atmosphere is Nitrogen and 21% is Oxygen, yet many businesses are paying for bottled gas or bulk N2/O2 tanks.

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