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Monitoring occupational noise in food and drink manufacturing 14/07/2023

IN THE ENVIRONMENT of the food and drink manufacturing industry, the well-being of employees should always be a top priority. One significant concern that often goes unnoticed is occupational noise which can have severe implications on the health and safety of workers. To mitigate this risk effectively and to ensure compliance to regulations, the implementation of occupational noise measurement equipment is crucial.

This blog explores why monitoring noise levels and utilising advanced tools is vital for ensuring safe working environments within this industry.

Preserving Hearing Health

Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can lead to permanent hearing damage. In food and drink manufacturing facilities, the presence of loud machinery, equipment, and processes can contribute to excessive noise levels.

By utilising occupational noise measurement equipment, employers can accurately gauge noise levels across different areas of their premises. The data they collect will then empower employers to identify potential hazards across the site, implement appropriate noise control measures (whether that is appropriate hearing protection or quieter work practices), and protect their employees’ hearing health effectively.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with occupational noise regulations, such as the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, is essential for any industry, and the food and drink manufacturing sector is no exception. Failure to comply with set regulations can result in penalties, litigation, and, most importantly, compromised employee well-being.

Occupational noise monitoring equipment is designed to meet stringent standards, ensuring accurate data collection and helping organisations stay in line with regulatory requirements.

Personalised Risk Assessments

Occupational noise measurement equipment also allows employers to conduct personalised risk assessments for their employees.

By monitoring noise levels in real-time and assessing the duration of exposure, employers can identify individuals at a higher risk of hearing damage. This information enables targeted interventions, such as providing suitable hearing protection and implementing engineering controls to minimise noise emissions.

How can we help?

At Cirrus Research, we provide a range of instruments ideal for measuring and monitoring the noise that impacts your workers inside your manufacturing unit, including:

  • The Optimus+ Red Sound Level meter: Never miss a thing and capture all the data you need at the press of a button, save time, avoid complicated setup, and even connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for remote use up to 10 metres away.
  • The doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter: With real-time octave band analysis and Bluetooth operation, it’s even easier to pre-program your measurements with scheduled timers.
  • The Quantum Indoor: A complete cloud-based noise monitoring system designed to make long-term noise monitoring indoors easier and more accessible.

You can find out more about our solutions here.

Monitoring occupational noise is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process. Our equipment offers advanced features like data logging and analysis, enabling businesses to track noise levels over time. This data helps identify patterns, highlight areas that require attention, and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented control measures. By regularly reviewing and improving noise management practices, organisations can create a safer and healthier work environment.

Speak to our expert team today to find out more by calling us on +44 1723 891655 or by emailing us at sales@cirrusresearch.com.

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Cirrus Research spotlights Optimus+ Sound Level Meters 31/03/2023

CIRRUS RESEARCH has recently showcased its Optimus+ Sound Level Meters - a series of powerful tools designed to cater to a wide range of industries. The Optimus+ range includes three models, each with unique capabilities and features, enabling users to measure and monitor noise effectively.

The entry-level model, Optimus+ Yellow, provides essential noise data and measures sound levels in decibels (dB). It offers A and C frequency weightings for general noise assessments and is perfect for basic noise level measurements, as well as meeting regulatory requirements. It also comes with simple operation and a user-friendly interface, fast, slow, and impulse time weighting.

For more advanced noise assessments, the Optimus+ Red model is an ideal solution. With its data logging and real-time frequency analysis features, it enables users to identify and address specific noise issues. This model is suitable for industries such as construction, entertainment, and manufacturing. It offers 1:1 real-time octave band analysis, voice tagging for easy identification of measurements, and the measurement of LAeq, LCPeak, LCeq, and LAFmax.

The Optimus+ Green model is the most sophisticated in the series, with capabilities for environmental noise monitoring and advanced analysis. It is perfect for long-term noise measurement projects in industries such as mining, transportation, and urban planning. The model offers advanced environmental noise parameters, noise recording and 1:1 and 1:3 real-time octave and third-octave band analysis.

Cirrus Research's Optimus+ Sound Level Meters provide comprehensive solutions for industries with varying noise measurement and monitoring requirements. The range is equipped with state-of-the-art features and capabilities, enabling users to select the model that best suits their specific needs.


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Get in the know about noise with Cirrus Research 01/12/2022

AT CIRRUS RESEARCH, we’re known for pioneering innovative solutions that have made monitoring and measuring noise and vibration easier and more accessible than ever before.

One of our aims is to make it easier for our customers to get even more value out of their noise measurement equipment, which is why we are now officially offering a range of training courses online through our dedicated Noise Academy website.

Who are the training courses for?

Our online training courses are designed for Health & Safety Officers and Facilities managers with the responsibility of protecting their staff from the hazards of occupational noise and excessive vibration within the workplace, as well as for Environmental Managers and Noise Consultants who need to know more about the impacts of noise on our wider environment.

Our online courses

We offer a range of online courses, webinars and other resources, all designed to help you get the best from your noise measurement equipment. These online courses are fully flexible which means that you can complete them in your own time, whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Through our Noise Academy website, we can provide:

  • Optimus+ Sound Level Meter Training
  • doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter Training
  • doseBadge4 Personal Noise Dosimeter Training
  • Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder Training (for local authorities and housing associations)
  • Noise at Work Awareness Course

With more courses to be added soon!

Learn more about the Noise Academy and sign up to start learning today: https://noiseacademy.cirrusresearch.com.

Black Friday deals from Cirrus Research

To celebrate the announcement of our brand-new online training portal, we thought we would make the most of Black Friday and offer you some fantastic deals on training!

This black Friday we have two offers that will help you make the most of our online training:

  • If you spend over £3000 on new equipment from Cirrus Research, you will receive over £300 worth of online training for FREE!
  •  If you buy any of our used instruments, you will get FREE product training worth £99!

These offers are valid on all instruments purchased from us until Friday 2 December 2022.


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Get in the know about noise with Cirrus Research 26/09/2022

CIRRUS RESEARCH is known for pioneering innovative solutions that have made monitoring and measuring noise and vibration easier and more accessible than ever before. Now, to make sure our customers get even more value out of their noise measurement equipment, we're offering a range of training courses online through our dedicated Noise Academy website.

Every elearning course, webinar and video has been specifically created to aid people in their work. We’ve designed them for Health & Safety professionals responsible for protecting their staff from the hazards of occupational noise and vibration in the workplace, as well as for Environmental Managers and Noise Consultants who need to know more about the impacts of noise on our wider environment.

Noise at work awareness

One of our most popular courses is our Noise at Work Awareness Course, this course will give you a background in measuring sound and why it is of concern. It also covers the general health, workplace safety and risks posed by noise to people’s hearing, and we also take a look at the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) for both employers and employees.

With information on both the theoretical and practical side of noise measurement and control, including useful tips on taking measurements and analysing results, this course prepares you with everything you need to know for a successful Noise at Work Assessment. It even includes information on how you can use your results to implement suitable control measures and prescribe suitable hearing PPE to prevent potential harm to your employees.

Product confidence

If you already own one of our meters and need a refresher course on how to use them or are new to noise measurement, then you can try one of our product training courses covering our range of noise dosimeters, our Optimus+ sound level meters and our Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder. In addition, there are links to many free to view videos on the NoiseTools software so you can truly get the best out of our reporting program.

Flexible learning at your pace

Our training courses are flexible which means you can complete them in your own time whenever it’s convenient for you. Whether you need a basic introduction to noise, a refresher on regulations, or in-depth training on your equipment and software, we have a course designed for you.


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Hand-arm vibration solution 29/03/2022

CIRRUS RESEARCH introduces the Revo vibration meter – an easy-to-use and reliable vibration meter that can be used to measure and monitor both hand-arm and whole-body vibration levels.

Revo is compact and lightweight for easy deployment and has a clear full-colour display, allowing users to read data directly from the device. Users can then download their data to assess it further and create the reports required.

Revo meets all the requirements for human vibration meters in compliance with ISO 8041, enabling users to take compliant vibration measurements.

Revo makes vibration measurement, analysis and assessment effortless, enabling users to better protect their workforce from HAVs or WBV and protect their business from potential HSE prosecution.


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Unattended noise monitoring in the cloud 30/11/2021

IT IS essential to monitor the noise levels in a workplace to protect employees’ hearing from any lasting damage. But now noise level monitoring has taken to the cloud. Cirrus Research has developed the MyCirrus cloud platform to make monitoring and storing workplace noise date, easier and more convenient.

Cirrus has also announced the Quantum Outdoor noise monitoring system, which has been designed to make unattended long-term environmental noise monitoring easier than before. This cloud-based system goes beyond regular long-term noise monitoring by offering remote 24/7 monitoring with the ability to see both live and historic noise level data on the MyCirrus cloud platform anytime, anywhere, using the Quantum portal.

It is suited for applications including – but not exclusive to – construction and demolition sites, outdoor music, sport and entertainment events, and boundary noise monitoring. This noise monitor provides a constant ear to the ground, continuously capturing and storing noise data on the MyCirrus cloud platform.

Quantum can be used as a single monitor or several units can be linked into a cloud-connected network of noise monitors, enabling a fuller picture of the total noise environment of a workplace. Each Quantum Outdoor unit communicates with the MyCirrus cloud platform, sending noise data to it every second, allowing companies to view live and historical data remotely, around the clock, from any device, anywhere.

The Quantum system captures both 1:1 and 1:3 octave band data alongside all other noise measurement parameters.While the enhanced MyCirrus Cloud allows users to set up and configure the connections to their instruments, view the status of their instruments, control measurements, automatically download new measurements and schedule downloads.

Other features include: 
•    Floor plan view to see the location of noise levels in a workplace and respond in real-time to noise events
•    Ability to set audio triggers and real-time notifications to make it easier for users to act on noise issues quickly
•    Create detailed noise reports based on the data captured by your Quantum Indoor units

Quantum Outdoor is available with flexible subscription plans to the MyCirrus cloud platform, which allows users to increase the amount of data they can store as well as enhance the functionality of their Quantum noise monitoring network whenever they need to.


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Environmental noise monitoring, anytime, anywhere 29/09/2021

INTRODUCED BY Cirrus Research, Quantum Outdoor is a single solution for remote monitoring of noise 24/7. It uses powerful cloud software to give users at their desktops control over their environmental noise impact.

Quantum Outdoor can be easily installed around the boundary of your premises or in remote locations, and multiple devices can be synced up to the cloud together. Once installed they will start  gathering noise data and other environmental information in real time. The cloud connectivity instantly makes noise and other environmental data available to view, analyse and report on from your desktop or tablet. 

Daren Wallis, CEO of Cirrus Research, comments: “Our live data and audio capture allow you to visualise and understand your noise impacts, so you can make the best noise management decisions, ultimately reduce your environmental impact and protect your business from noise complaints. The systems run with the MyCirrus Cloud; we’ve developed flexible cloud subscription packages, there are no fixed fees, no set up fees, and you can manage your subscription yourself, changing the package up and down as you need to.”

Other features include automated alerts if the decibel exceeds a user-specified level so you can always stay in control and take corrective action when needed. Wallis continues: “Charting the locations of your Quantum devices and adding them to floor plans and maps, and triggering automated alerts if noise levels get too high are just some of the many features unique to Quantum Outdoor.”

Craig Storey, business development manager, says: “We have customers come to us who just want a simple solution they can install and leave running, and we have customers with more complex requirements; this system does both, it’s as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

“With Quantum Outdoor there’s no need to install any software. Users just log in to our powerful Quantum cloud interface anywhere, anytime and on any device to get updates remotely at their convenience.  It is well-suited for monitoring environmental noise across many applications from construction and demolition, to outdoor sporting and music events."

Martin Williams, Cirrus Research’s engineering director, adds: “We are most proud of the fact that the majority of the work developing this new product and the associated Cloud-Monitoring System has been completed with staff working remotely during the Covid pandemic. This outstanding noise monitoring solution is the fruition of several years of work by our skilled and diligent R&D team directly in response to our customers’ needs.”

Quantum Outdoor can carry out self-system checks for data accuracy and comes with a comprehensive suite of online tools and inbuilt reports. Additional modules for weather and windspeed can be added too.

Key features of the Quantum Outdoor include:

  • A simple to use and secure cloud-connected autonomous system
  • Complete view of noise impacts, anywhere, anytime
  • Audio capture so you can identify the source/type of unwanted noise
  • 1:1 and 1:3 data enabling a deep analysis of noise and in-built reports provide a clear insight into captured data
  • Notifications can be sent by email, SMS and webhook to alert users of noise events, allowing corrective action to be taken in real time.
  • Customisable data points so you can capture and display the data you need.
  • Cloud-based so no need to download any software onto computers, works on all major browsers.
  • The devices are able to carry out self-system checks for data accuracy and can be powered by Power Over Ethernet or mains electricity. 


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Free noise assessment 20/09/2018

Cirrus Research has launched a free Noise at Work assessment to help companies provide a risk-free environment to protect their workers’ hearing.

The comprehensive assessment is available UK-wide and follows a four-stage process that enables companies to identify, target and eliminate noise risks in the workplace.

The new assessment includes:

•  Initial site assessment – including a tour of your premises to identify potential noise risks.

•  A review of existing methods and an analysis of their efficacy. 

•  Test measurements – using Cirrus’ noise measurement equipment.

•  Recommendations – from instrumentation and training to full analytical services.

Group marketing manager, Tom Shelton, comments: “We believe in protecting people from hearing loss and other health conditions associated with excessive noise exposure. The new noise assessment is part of our wider UK campaign ‘Noise Changes Lives’ that highlights the risks and impact that hearing loss can have on individuals. 

“Every workplace is different, and our team of experts each have decades of noise monitoring experience to be able to quickly assess those potential noise hot spots, collate any evidence and then make recommendations based on a proven process.”

To book a free noise assessment, email: mailto:sales@cirrusresearch.com

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Further course dates announced 16/07/2018

Noise monitoring specialist, Cirrus Research has expanded its training academy programme, adding a new Noise at Work Awareness course.

New dates have also been released for its Product Training Courses, IOSH-accredited Noise Course, Environmental Workshops, and new Noise at Work modules.

The additional dates for 2018 are:

•  Current Cirrus product training course dates: Wednesday 12th September - York Racecourse; Tuesday 9th October - Rockingham Motorspeedway; Thursday 22nd November - Castle Combe Circuit

•  IOSH noise course dates: Monday 17th September in Leicester; Monday 19th November in Salford

•  Noise at Work Awareness course dates: Wednesday 19th September at the Williams Conference Centre, Silverstone.

•  Environmental Workshop dates: Thursday 13th September - York Racecourse

“All Cirrus courses offer a bonus of benefits starting with the detailed knowledge and experience gained from the course’s industry leaders; the chance to gain valuable CPD points, as well as enjoy a great networking event at the same time,” said Thomas Shelton, Cirrus Research marketing manager.

“There is something there for anyone who works in H&S sector, whether that’s occupational health, environmental or noise nuisance. We have found there is a growing demand across several sectors and have expanded our training programme to meet that need.”

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Special show offers 27/03/2018

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research will unveil some great offers at this year's Health & Safety Event as well as a sneak preview of the Optimus+ sound level meter prototype.

Delegates visiting Cirrus Research will be able to demo both products, and take advantage of some great new offers, exclusive to HSE delegates.

The latest Cirrus Research doseBadge5 now comes with Octave Bands as standard and at no extra cost – offering a saving of up to £300 for those who snap up this great offer.

This new function, only introduced last year, runs alongside the doseBadge5's on-going assessment of noise exposure but allows for more detailed analysis of noise sources. The additional data helps health & safety managers select hearing protection or review noise control measures.

The latest feature is just a number of key upgrades to the doseBadge5. These include: wireless Bluetooth connectivity, scheduled measurement timers and tamper detection, as well as extensive data logging and analysis. The new and improved doseBadge5 also boasts enhanced wireless technology to allow remote communications with the doseBadge5 Wand and the dBLink App, as well as being iOS and Android compatible.
The Optimus+, the first time this prototype has been showcased in the public domain, also features Bluetooth capabilities and a range of new apps.
James Tingay, Marketing Manager for Cirrus Research said: "We're really looking forward to this year's event. The Cirrus DoseBadge5 alongside the Optimus+ will undoubtedly attract a lot of interest but this is only part of the bigger story that is evolving at Cirrus.

"Cirrus has just launched a new Noise at Work course to sit alongside its bespoke, on-site training. This is in addition to our calibration and servicing on all our noise and vibration measurement equipment, regardless of who made it. We also offer a consultancy service which is more than product-based – we now can undertake noise assessments that can highlight areas where on-going monitoring and measurement will be most effective.

"This all adds up to a complete 360﮿ solution for anyone dealing with noise or vibration issues."
The Cirrus team is also very excited for this year's event after its "Noise Changes Lives" campaign was shortlisted for the S&HE Campaign of the Year.

Also, featured on the stand over the three days will be the popular Revo hand-arm vibration meter and SoundSign visual warning signs, ideal for noise at work. The Cirrus team will also be busy promoting the additional support services such as product training, the "no quibble" 15-year warranty and calibration services.

Stand HS153

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Cirrus Research Plc is a leading specialist in the development and production of noise measurement instruments. Its latest scientific and technological developments are utilised to produce noise measurement instrumentation equipment to accurately measure noise and its impact. As an industry leader with more than 40 years experience in the UK and global markets, all of its products are manufactured in the UK and are used in a wide range of different applications within the construction, transport, aviation, manufacturing and leisure & sport sectors.Cirrus is part of the British Safety Industry Federation’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, identifying its organisation and products as ‘genuine and safe’, assuring customers that the products supplied are genuine, properly tested and certificated. Cirrus Research is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Registered Company.It offers an unrivalled "no quibble" 15 year warranty on all of its products, as well as full calibration services and training support for its clients. The popular dBAdvantage Card available with every new product purchased is another reason why clients continue to return to Cirrus, offering more than £1,000 of benefits through special training and discounts.