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Unattended noise monitoring in the cloud

30 November 2021

IT IS essential to monitor the noise levels in a workplace to protect employees’ hearing from any lasting damage. But now noise level monitoring has taken to the cloud. Cirrus Research has developed the MyCirrus cloud platform to make monitoring and storing workplace noise date, easier and more convenient.

Cirrus has also announced the Quantum Outdoor noise monitoring system, which has been designed to make unattended long-term environmental noise monitoring easier than before. This cloud-based system goes beyond regular long-term noise monitoring by offering remote 24/7 monitoring with the ability to see both live and historic noise level data on the MyCirrus cloud platform anytime, anywhere, using the Quantum portal.

It is suited for applications including – but not exclusive to – construction and demolition sites, outdoor music, sport and entertainment events, and boundary noise monitoring. This noise monitor provides a constant ear to the ground, continuously capturing and storing noise data on the MyCirrus cloud platform.

Quantum can be used as a single monitor or several units can be linked into a cloud-connected network of noise monitors, enabling a fuller picture of the total noise environment of a workplace. Each Quantum Outdoor unit communicates with the MyCirrus cloud platform, sending noise data to it every second, allowing companies to view live and historical data remotely, around the clock, from any device, anywhere.

The Quantum system captures both 1:1 and 1:3 octave band data alongside all other noise measurement parameters.While the enhanced MyCirrus Cloud allows users to set up and configure the connections to their instruments, view the status of their instruments, control measurements, automatically download new measurements and schedule downloads.

Other features include: 
•    Floor plan view to see the location of noise levels in a workplace and respond in real-time to noise events
•    Ability to set audio triggers and real-time notifications to make it easier for users to act on noise issues quickly
•    Create detailed noise reports based on the data captured by your Quantum Indoor units

Quantum Outdoor is available with flexible subscription plans to the MyCirrus cloud platform, which allows users to increase the amount of data they can store as well as enhance the functionality of their Quantum noise monitoring network whenever they need to.