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Vertical storage with robotic picking

23 December 2021

VERTICAL STORAGE with added robotics technology could allow 24/7 warehouse operation with half the staff, says Randex.

Vertical storage lift company Randex has launched Compact 24/7, a solution that integrates the company’s Compact family of automated vertical storage systems with robotics technology to allow continuous, 24/7 warehouse picking with, the company claims, up to 50% fewer warehouse workers. Compact 24/7 allows automated vertical storage to be integrated with a wide range of robotic types including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), collaborative robots (or ‘cobots’) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

“Automated vertical storage already delivers proven benefits for warehousing and logistics users” said Randex director, James Roberts. “Randex user feedback shows that robotics doubles its impact.”
Compact vertical storage lifts already save up to a claimed 90% of floor space compared with standard shelving and pallet racking. They can manage loads of up to 100 metric tonnes and enable warehouse operatives to complete up to four times more picks than in a traditional warehouse, with goods automatically presented to the picker. When the same goods are presented to a robot using Compact 24/7, picking performance improves by a further 100%, according to Randex users.