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Aerzen International Rental B.V. - AIR

Aerzen International Rental (AIR) rents high-quality oil-free blowers and screw compressors supplied by the German manufacturer Aerzen, which was established in 1864 and produced its first blowers in 1868.

AIR’s unique portfolio covers the entire pressure range – from vacuum (-500 mbar) to compressed air (10 bar) – with 100% oil-free blowers and compressors.

Our comprehensive range of machines coupled with the experience and dedication of our specialist team guarantee that we can always assist you in the event of an emergency or when repairing your existing machines and provide you with support in testing new applications. The services we provide prevent costly downtime and also eliminate capital expenditure for new equipment that may only be needed for a limited time. With AIR, you only rent the services and machines that you actually require.

AIR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH and takes full advantage of the expansive network of Aerzen companies in Europe. These companies not only function as a depot for rental units, but also as local service companies to provide you with the support you need wherever you are.

AIR is always close at hand


Blower hire unit BVO

All the advantages of the world’s leading blower units – including after sales service – are available anytime and anywhere. Rent our high-quality roots blower hire units and save yourself valuable time as well as the costs for the purchase of new equipment that you only need for short-term applications.

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Screw compressor hire unit CVO

Bringing you all the benefits of the world’s leading oil-free compressor units – including after sales service – at any time and at any location. All oil-free compressor hire units feature speed-controlled three-phase current motors with frequency converters – guaranteeing minimum system load when switching on the machine. All rental units are installed in special-purpose containers with excellent ventilation and sound-absorbing properties.

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Double-stage compressor hire unit TVO

Anytime, anywhere: all the advantages of the top oil-free compressor units in the world, including after sales service.

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Blower Stages BS

Aerzen has high variety of stages for oil-free displacement and compression of air and gasses

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Used Equipment Sales

Aerzen International Rental proudly offers Aerzen’s used equipments for sale

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