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BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is independent

With an extensive program BEKO TECHNOLOGIES stands for compressed air technology "at its best". For more than three decades, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality, reliable and efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology.

Now, BEKO TECHNOLOGIESoffers a complete program for all tasks related to theprocessing of compressed air. Expert advice and a qualified service are a trademark of the independent and family-owned company.

Partnership to success

Only a complete understanding of our business leads to success. Therefore, BEKO TECHNOLOGIESalways focuses on the customer and on his unique demands. Our consultants and development engineers are trained in the latest developments in order to implement futureproof solutions for our clients. Operational reliability, energy conservation, environmental friendliness and a contribution to decent working conditions constitute important focal points of the corporate philosophy.



Beko Clearpoint

The efficiency concept for compressed-air filtration CLEARPOINT®: the filter generation with the 3E effect

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Top Quality, Oil-Free Compressed Air

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Beko Drypoint AC

Adsorption Dryers, Efficient, Compact, Powerful

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Beko Drypoint M Plus

Efficiency in the smallest space DRYPOINT® M PLUS, the all-in-one solution for filtration and drying

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Beko Drypoint RA

The concept determines the efficiency DRYPOINT® RA, the most economic way to dry compressed air

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Beko Metpoint OCV

Measurably constant quality: do not assume, be aware METPOINT® OCV makes the quality of your compressed air visible

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Bekomat 31U I 32U I 33U

High efficiency, low effort Profitable condensate drains with an easy-to-maintain basic concept

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Beko Everdry

Heat-Regenerated Adsorption Dryers

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Splitting, saving, and preserving BEKOSPLIT®: economical, environmentally friendly emulsion treatment

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Beko Owamat

Reliably separated, efficiently processed Oil-water separation with ÖWAMAT®

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