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Packaging printer celebrates 20 years

17 June 2019

Telford based TCL Packaging which specialises in high quality laminated, coated, printed and converted packaging films and papers, is celebrating 20 years in business.

Chairman Mike Golding says: “It's been an amazing ride since the formation of the business in 1999; The business started importing specialised packaging materials to improve the shelf life of leaf and salad produce. Today it prints more than half a billion bags a year for the hygienic protection of food.”

To keep up with the pace of change, TCL has continually invested in high tech, high output plant and equipment. The business has positioned itself at the forefront of the developments in recyclable and compostable films to meet current environmental demands and support the delivery of a more sustainable future.

Golding continues: “We are in a position of strength having more than 70,000ft2 of modern manufacturing space, the development of packaging films to suit future needs, and capacity to expand at short notice. There is no doubt the next 20 years are gearing up to be as exciting as the last.”