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Sweeping up

04 October 2018

Contact Attachments offers three BEMA sweeping attachment models, the 20, 25 and 40.

The most popular hydraulic sweeper available from Contact is the BEMA 25 which benefits from numerous brush width configurations to suit a variety of needs. Both the 20 and the 25 are suited to outdoor use, whilst the BEMA 40 model has the ability to clear away rubbish both indoors and outdoors for those companies with the requirement for both.

“Autumn is fast approaching and with the change of season comes the need to consider ways and means of keeping leaves and debris to a minimum,” explains David Manuel, technical sales director at Contact Attachments.

“The BEMA, being manufactured in Germany, provides a high level of engineering quality and stability. As with many of our products, we ensure our attachments are compatible with a variety of forklift trucks, and with adjustable wheel height to meet a variety of customer needs. The BEMA doesn’t fail to deliver.”

With Health and Safety Regulations one of the top priorities in the workplace, the BEMA range is CE marked and supplied with a certificate of conformity, to meet the latest Health and Safety standards.

“The BEMA attachments are easy to fit by a simple hydraulic connection, reducing the risk of injury. Like all of the Contact range, we are dedicated to making sure that our customers are able to continually keep their staff safe whilst installing equipment, and during and after use.”