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Filtration for high temperature additive manufacturing

15 December 2021

PROTECTION FROM fumes and particulates produced by high temperature 3D printing is offered in the form of a portable filter.

BOFA International’s 3D PrintPRO HT has been designed to filter the high temperature particulate and gases emitted by advanced 3D print units that process polymers at up to 500°C. This 3D printing method is used to create high quality finished products and components for a range of industries. Until now the high temperatures have created challenges for filtration systems that remove the extremely hot airborne fumes, gases and nanoparticles emitted by the process.
The 3D PrintPRO HT uses electronics components and thermal insulation to deliver high levels of filtration performance in chamber environments up to 100°C – a claimed 50% increase over other models in BOFA’s 3D PrintPRO range. This enables the removal of potentially harmful airborne contaminants and particulate that could damage expensive equipment, using an anticipated maximum air flow rate of 2124 litres/min.
Haydn Knight, sales and marketing director at BOFA, said: “This is another market innovation that is keeping pace with advances in 3D print technology. It enables operators to benefit from high performance polymers, safe in the knowledge that they are helping protect the work environment and their investment in equipment.
“We know that high temperature 3D printers are increasingly in demand for the quality and diverse range of products they create – everything from medical devices and aeronautical components to bicycles and sports equipment – and the 3D PrintPRO HT will facilitate the wider adoption of this technology.”