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Mecaline pneumatics products available in UK

02 December 2021

SUPPLIER OF industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, Brammer Buck & Hickman has expanded its exclusive Mecaline brand to pneumatics, offering over 3000 product lines.

Mecaline is usually known in the UK for its mechanical and power transmission products, but across Europe the brand is also well known for its pneumatics product range. Due to popular demand, the Mecaline pneumatics range has now been made available in the UK, providing customers with pneumatic products that combine quality and reliability, backed by Brammer Buck & Hickman’s engineering expertise and services.

Designed in collaboration with world-leading manufacturers in their respective fields, to very strict specifications, the Mecaline pneumatic range includes hoses and fittings, couplings, tubing, cylinders, valves and a full range of accessories. Every product has been designed and manufactured to meet exacting industry standards and deliver cost-effective, long product life.

Mecaline pneumatics products are interchangeable with leading brands, ensuring that replacement or modification is swift and easy while reducing downtime associated with time spent trying to find the right parts for your application.

Product information  mecalineparts.com
Online sales uk.rubix.com/mecaline