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Fluid dispensing systems increase throughput, improve yields, and reduce production costs

25 January 2013

As today's cutting-edge products continue to pack more features and capabilities into smaller and smaller packages, the size of the fluid deposits used to build them also decreases. This makes getting the right amount of material in the right location—and doing it consistently—increasingly important.

To meet this challenge, EFD developed the new 787MS-SS MicroSpray valve. Based on EFD's proven Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) precision spray technology, it provides fast, controlled application of a wide range of low- to medium-viscosity fluids, including solvents, lubricants and UV-cure coatings.

The new 787MS-SS valve features an innovative design that uses a small gauge (0.013” - 0.004” internal diameter) disposable dispensing tip in place of a standard spray nozzle. This concentrates the LVLP air used to atomize the coating into uniform spray patterns as small as 0.0625 inches in diameter—over 60% smaller than EFD's standard spray valve configuration. Benefits include greater process control, faster throughput, fewer rejects and lower production costs.

The ValveMate 8040 controls valve open time and nozzle pressure. Its compact size allows the controller to be mounted near the valve for easy setup and spray adjustment.
• Multi-valve control- up to (2) spray valves
• Partner to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
• Easy control for consistent coverage
• Precise control of nozzle air pressure
• End-of-cycle air delay prevents valve from clogging
• End user convenience
• Maximum machine efficiency