Modular muting systems

04 March 2014

System manufacturers wishing to implement access guarding with muting are often confronted with the problem that numerous individual components need to be selected, ordered, installed and matched to one another. Pre-mounted Light Beam Safety Device systems from the Leuze electronic modular system set offer a solution.


With the new MLDSET Light Beam Safety Device Sets, Leuze electronic provides solutions with either 2 or 3 beam safety beams with or without muting that can be implemented quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Sets also contain a Deflecting Mirror and the new UDC Device Column to which the pre-aligned Muting Sensor Sets can be fitted at the required height and connected easily to the MLD Light Beam Safety Device via an internal local connection box. These Muting Sensor Sets are lateral mounting arms that have already been equipped with muting Light Beam Devices from the Leuze electronic 25B series, meaning they are pre-mounted and aligned. These Light Beam Devices demonstrate a good performance on shrink wrapped pallets.


The UDC Device Column enables easy mounting, for example on roller conveyors and palette transfer stations, due to its spring-mounted foot – free-standing and firmly anchored on the floor. Precise vertical and axial alignment is an easy option. Spring elements in the foot of the columns also ensure automatic resetting after mechanical impacts.

The Light Beam Safety Device Sets therefore fulfil the requirements for a modern, appealing and robust system design. They also can be delivered optionally with a display and control unit. This so-called control box is equipped for direct mounting on the fixed guarding. It has a reset button for the start/restart interlock and for overriding following a muting fault (muting restart/override).