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Platforms for automation

28 October 2014

RS Components (RS) has extended its portfolio of new platforms for automation and control by adding the compact and connectivity-rich Crouzet Automation em4 family of all-in-one nano-PLCs.

Available now at RS for delivery worldwide, the em4 range provides three choices to help machine manufacturers and system integrators add value to their applications and connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly and efficiently while minimising engineering complexity, time to market, and cost.

The flagship em4 remote variant supports secure machine-to-machine protocol communications via a cellular connection to allow efficient remote control, management and maintenance of an application, machine or fleet of machines. em4 remote comes with its own 2G or 3G SIM card, and is suitable for applications that require data to be accessible anywhere anytime on a smartphone or PC. The em4 remote Ethernet version will also be available for applications that have wired Internet access.

Alternatively the em4 alert is available in either 2G or 3G versions, bringing the power of the nano-PLC to projects requiring simple direct alerts and logs by SMS or to an email box. em4 alert can be used with the customer’s chosen SIM card, as supplied by any operator.

The em4 local series completes the family of nano-PLCs, offering four highly accurate 4-20mA sensor inputs and the option of an embedded Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP port for LAN connectivity.

Combining the ease of use of a logic module and the power of a PLC, the em4 family allows users to quickly integrate applications that add advanced functionality to equipment for water treatment, access control, smart buildings, small industrial machines, and many other tasks and services. em4 provides a platform for accessing ready-to-use infrastructure without needing to integrate additional modules such as a wireless module. Moreover, an extensive turnkey ecosystem of online tools and services is accessible via the em4 lab environment. em4 lab comprises several parts: em4 soft for intuitive programming, em4 web and em4 app for accessing applications or machines on demand, and additional applications and services through the em4 partners community.

Starter kits for the em4 local and em4 alert nano-PLCs are in stock now at RS Components, and available for a limited time at discounted introductory prices.