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Vast choice of new & surplus automation equipment

28 September 2015

Radwell International/PLCCenter.co.uk offers a vast choice of new and surplus automation equipment. When it comes to quality, quantity and savings the company believes no one can beat its £1 billion surplus inventory of over 12 million parts.

We also work with over 17,000 manufacturers around the world to offer you even more options. Our in-house repair capabilities are supported by 2,200 test fixtures and an impressive 2 year warranty.

Radwell has launched a range of services to manage plant assets and reduce maintenance costs. The process starts by understanding and managing installed base. The industrial automation product stockist will complete an installed based evaluation (IBE) and compile a report with detailed analysis to manage the plant.

Bespoke solutions will enable a planned approach to maintenance, for example IBE completion and asset tracking using barcode technology; a plan to manage current and future obsolescence; recommendation and identification of critical spares required; identification of opportunities for standardisation; accurate data to improve maintenance decisions.

Field service engineers work with a maintenance team for diagnostics, fault finding and to offer a replacement product or repair at Radwell’s repair facility.