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Doors provide safety and security

09 June 2016

Additional Speedors and shutters have been installed by Hart Door Systems at Thomas Dudley's foundry at Dudley, west Midlands. The recent order was for a mixture of Speedor Supers and Minis together with a tube motor shutter with fabric curtain.

The Speedors were part of a major overhaul programme for Thomas Dudley's warehouse where the existing storage system was deemed unsuitable as the way forward for the company.

A spokesman for Thomas Dudley, said: "It was clear that the warehouse needed to be a clean and safe environment to work within; with the aid of installing new fast acting doors from Hart doors not only did they look the part with the newly clad walls, but they were a major safety feature for all employees and visitors to the company."

Not only are the doors a great safety feature but they are also an asset to keeping the warehouse clean and secure. With the aid of the sensors the doors only opened when needed to be, helping to keep dust and dirt from the foundry out of the warehouse. Another added bonus with installing Hart doors is they not only help control the working temperature within the warehouse, but they also reduce the noise from the main foundry.