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Stop heat wave productivity dips

23 April 2018

Worried about your warehouse or factory overheating this summer? EcoCooling has all your cooling needs covered!

EcoCooling are industry leading manufacturers of ventilation and evaporative cooling equipment, with over 4500 installations worldwide. EcoCoolers provide a natural, safe and simple alternative to air conditioning for large industrial areas or factories.

Thought that Refrigeration based cooling was your only option? EcoCooling uses natural evaporative cooling methods to cool any area where cooling is required while reducing cooling costs by up to 90%!

The units operate as part of a mechanical ventilation system, supplying cold air to a building while extracting heat. The coolers run in ventilation mode when ambient temperatures are low, then in summer, evaporative cooling is enabled. The natural evaporative cooling effect is dependent on the ambient temperature and humidity. In the UK (hot and dry climate) supply air temperature does not exceed 25C even on the hottest days, making EcoCoolers the ideal option for a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings.

Applications include bakeries, laundries, factory, gyms and warehouse cooling. The equipment can be used to cost effectively spot cool production lines or mezzanine floors or alternatively, blanket cool entire factories or stores which are overheating.  

The simple cooling process means operational power costs are significantly lower than refrigeration (up to 90%), while the capital and maintenance costs are up to 60% less.