ATEX zone drum handler

24 September 2019

St Clare Engineering's Grab-O-Matic fork lift truck attachments handle drums and other containers of all shapes and sizes in environments ranging from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian Gulf.

It was asked recently to manufacture a Grab-O-Matic model DH-1 single drum handler for use within an ATEX zone. This is a workspace deemed to have a potentially explosive atmosphere.

The DH-1 is suitable for steel drums only with pronounced rolling rims. Drums are automatically grabbed around the waist and released when set onto a surface and the truck reversed away.

The company's range of fork attachment drum handling equipment is usually made from high quality British steel, with frames and pillars made from 6-12mm steel to ISO 9001:2015 standard and issued with test certificates to guarantee safe operation.

Grab-O-Matic drum handling attachments are robust, manufactured entirely in the UK by precision engineers, and a 100% inspection is carried out on all products before they leave the factory.

Spark-free drum handling for ATEX zones

However, in this case St Clare Engineering had to use stainless steel in the manufacture of the DH-1 because it was going to be used in either ATEX spark proof areas, clean rooms, or both.

Stainless steel eliminates the possibility of sparking when the drum grab hits the steel drum. It can be certified for use in ATEX Zones including 0, 1 or 2 and also gas and dust zones.

The majority of the Grab-O-Matic drum handler range can also be manufactured from stainless steel for use in ATEX areas including the 1 and 2-DLR Rim Grippers, SC10 Drum Rotator and 1-DLR-BG Base Gripper.