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Renovotec's co-ordinated response to Covid-19

19 March 2020

Renovotec, a rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain companies, is implementing a business continuity plan for the company and its people in the face of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Renovotec’s four regional hubs are going into lockdown with access limited to essential office workers only. Other Renovotec staff including its sales, pre-sales and field engineering functions will be working from home or from customer sites, with personnel using mobile technology and VPN communications. 

Renovotec implements more than 40 new system installations and upgrades per month, and has more than 3000 support contracts in place for its customers’ enterprise computers and networks, handheld devices and printers. The company says its COVID-19 response plan will ensure continuing support for both business streams.

“We support a significant number of UK supply chains with our skilled people and products and we have a duty to ensure that they continue running smoothly,” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard. “Our COVID-19 combat plan will make that possible."