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Learn the fundamentals of thermography with the Infrared Training Center

18 March 2024

GET STARTED the right way as an infrared thermographer. Infrared cameras allow you to detect a wide range of equipment and system issues, for everything from troubleshooting electrical and mechanical components to diagnosing building envelope concerns.

Our Category I Certification course is for the new thermographer and focuses on using infrared in a variety of applications. Learn all the essentials of camera operation, heat transfer, and report writing.

Top Ten reasons to get certified by the Infrared Training Center​

Largest infrared training organisation in the world

a.    More than 4,500 certifications issued annually around the globe in a variety of local language programs

b.    Registered ISO-9001 vendor and accredited by InterNACHI , NETA, & Building Performance Institute (BPI)

Career expansion opportunities with more than 450 courses a year around the globe

a.    Offers Level I, II, and III Thermography courses as well as training for OGI and sUAS customers

b.    Potential for networking with both new and experienced thermographers

c.    Opportunity to learn from established IR professionals with decades of combined practical experience

The hands-on training you need

a.    Connect theory to practice. Interactive demonstrations and labs simulate real-world problems

b.    Experienced and knowledgeable instructors with teaching styles that engage and motivate students

Ensure the reliability and success of IR by expanding the knowledge of the operator

a.    Learn safe and effective scanning techniques and procedures

b.    Avoid most common mistakes new thermographers make and save yourself the embarrassment of a false diagnosis

Rejuvenate and expand your IR programme

a.    Expand your program to include other IR applications you may not have considered

b.    Leave class excited, prepared, and ready for any situation you may encounter

Contact: Jon Willis, ITC Training Manager EMEA, Email: Jon.Willis@Teledyne.com Mobile: + 44 7768 218283