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Protective workwear supplied and laundered

27 April 2021

WORKING WITH a wide range of businesses, Elis advises on protective workwear requirements, supplies workwear and regularly launders it.

Previously called Berendsen, Elis has been operating its workwear supply and laundry service for more than 100 years, and runs a nationwide service, with in-house PPE expertise and workwear manufacturing, and a nationwide network of industrial laundries and delivery fleets. Its services also stretch beyond the UK, as part of a leading international provider of workwear and laundry services, operating in 28 countries.

Elis provides its customers with a wide range of high quality, durable and comfortable certified workwear. All protective workwear PPE requirements are covered, including high visibility and protection from welding sparks, electric arc flash, chemicals, heat and flames. Because Elis also has its own design and manufacturing capabilities, if there is a specific colour, logo or feature required, Elis can produce it.

Elis supplies its workwear on a cost-effective rental basis, so there are no up-front purchasing costs, and there’s also flexibility to swap items if employees change.

For businesses of all sizes, Elis collects soiled workwear, professionally launders and maintains it, and returns the clean workwear to an agreed schedule, ensuring employees are protected, comfortable and look the part.

Using the latest technology in all aspects of its service, the workwear incorporates tiny radio frequency ID tags for superior stock control and accountability. 

Elis also supplies and launders workwear for the catering, hospitality and food manufacturing sectors, as well as providing a nationwide washroom service, to help businesses maintain hygienic and fully-stocked washrooms.

Elis is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has been recognised by the Carbon Trust for reductions in CO2 emissions and water usage.

To find out more, visit: https://uk.elis.com/en/sectors/industrial