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Improve office wellbeing and productivity with Ergotron

06 September 2018

In today’s office environments, facility managers take on more than health and safety responsibilities.

Research suggests that these professionals are now tasked with talent attraction and retention, workplace wellbeing and productivity. These evolving expectations require innovative design solutions that deliver an experience, not just a process.

With Ergotron, you have access to ergonomic solutions that infuse wellbeing into the latest office designs for happy, healthy workers. From sit-stand desks to adjustable monitor arms, we offer stylish products that support long-term health for your employees and results for your organization.

We support the transformation of sedentary work environments into active spaces that promote productivity through better health. Our WorkFit® products help foster a workplace culture of movement, encouraging active workstyles that benefit employers and employees alike.

With products that enable a more active relationship with computers and technology, Ergotron helps workers around the globe adopt active workstyles that improve comfort and mood states to positively impact vitality. Ergotron’s products, such as adjustable sit-stand solutions and monitor mounts, are grounded in user ergonomics and offer unmatched versatility. We create ergonomic spaces that adapt technology to the physical needs of each individual, which builds a work environment that promotes long-term wellbeing.

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