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Time to speed up adoption of IIoT?

08 January 2019

As Irish manufacturing growth slows – a survey released by IHS Markit showed that the rise in output, employment growth and new-order growth all slowed in December – maximising manufacturing efficiency by exploiting the latest techniques and technologies is more important than ever.

However according to Industrial IT and automation specialist Novotek manufacturers might be missing out on the benefits of a whole range of technologies because they wrongly believe IIoT is a distant concept that is not yet practical.

Novotek points out that many countries around the world are introducing initiatives aiming to achieve industrial digitalisation in the next 10 to15 years. However the industrial automation expert argues that the technology is already available and says businesses can begin digitalising operations by 2020.

“Discussions around modern industrial automation and digitalisation are always very forward-looking,” explains George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. “While businesses should create a digitalisation roadmap for the future, it’s important we don’t overlook the technologies that exist today. Plant managers don’t need to wait to begin seeing the benefits of industrial automation.” (Full article and details of where to download Novotek's industrial internet of things (IIoT) whitepaper later in this issue). 

This is evident at Printed Balloons & Promotional Products, B-Loony where the deployment of five UR3 cobots has enabled the manufacturer to continue manufacturing in the UK in challenging conditions. B-Loony says the ease and flexibility of the cobots visibly boosted productivity at the factory, allowing the company to increase output and cut the average cost of each item produced. “Despite rising inflation and labour costs, investing in robotics and automation has made us more efficient and able to compete,” states Operations Director James Clephan.

B-Loony saw a payback period of just nine months for its investment in cobots, increasing its production of one of its lines by 5000% and significantly increasing hits market share. It expects paybacks for future products to be brought down to just six months. (Full article later in this issue). 

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