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Unitemp is a specialist environmental engineering company. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise enables us to specify supply and maintain a wide selection of environmental test chambers from bench top cabinets through drive-in rooms to HALT & HASS systems.

Established over 30 years ago, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of customised and standard environmental and climatic test chambers. As the company has grown over the years, the prime commitment of our experienced team of engineers has been, and continues to be, excellence – excellence in engineering and design, excellence in manufacture and excellence in the service support we provide to our ever increasing list of customers..

Our range of ESPEC of environmental test chambers creates temperature & humidity extremes in chambers from bench-top to drive–in. Standardization allows ESPEC to concentrate on quality construction and innovative designs. Many of the environmental test chambers built include optional features or customization to exactly fit the customer’s application

We also specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of modular custom environmental rooms. This skilled service provides unlimited flexibility within existing premises and, for many applications, dramatic cost savings over standard chamber technology. Our ability and proven track record of integrating modern electronics and control technology with mechanical refurbishment enable us to improve performance and increase your return-on-investment. Our after sales service and ability to support existing installations, from planned maintenance schedules and emergency repairs to full on-site refurbishment mean our customers equipment retains optimal performance and up time.

The services and products we offer have attracted interest from markets as diverse as stressing automotive electronics to storage of perishable foodstuffs.


LC (Low Cost) Range

150 litre to 500 litre capacity -40 to +80c with humidity option if required

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Gas Cooled Chambers

Gas Cooled Chambers: 250 litres – 1000. Stress screening Liquid Nitrogen chambers – Fast rate cooling down to -70 up to +180

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Specialist Walk-In Rooms

These are picture of a Custom built Walk-in Room for UCL Warwick, for Bio medical research

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Criterion Temperature & Humidity Benchtop

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Platinous The Platinous series lets you can select from a variety of sizes, ranges, and options to meet your specific environmental testing requirements. ESPEC Platinous series include features for quality and reliable operation:

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Thermal Shock

TSE Small Thermal Shock  Simple to install and operate!

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