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Strong field for Sandown Park

25 January 2013

Two of the most recognisable names in health and safety - Lawrence Waterman and Nattasha Freeman - will be heading the free seminar programme at Health and Safety '10 - South which is endorsed by the IIRSM.There's also an

Two of the most recognisable names in health and safety - Lawrence Waterman and Nattasha Freeman - will be heading the free seminar programme at Health and Safety '10 - South which is endorsed by the IIRSM.There's also an exhibition. Industrial Plant and Equipment previews an event that continues to go from strength to strength

Organised by the British Safety Council the seminar programme takes place across both days of the event and covers topical issues.

Starting at 9.45am on Tuesday 23rd February 2010, Lawrence Waterman will present a seminar entitled: 'How the Construction Industry is rising to the London 2012 challenge'. One of the most high profile figures in the safety sector, Waterman is head of health and safety for the 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). His seminar will discuss how - against the background of a complex site with a history of industrial use; in the centre of an urban area in need of regeneration; up against an immovable deadline and close public scrutiny - the ODA's supply chain is delivering on time, on budget and with a clear, relentless focus on health and safety.

Another high profile figure, Nattasha Freeman is the IOSH immediate past president and a member of the IOSH Council. Her seminar, 'The Sustainability of the Health Agenda', will discuss sickness absence figures and highlight the most prevalent causes of work-related sickness absence. She will also talk about; presenteeism; barriers to return to work; the changing demographic of the working population and suggestions on proactive intervention and facilitating rehabilitation.

On the second day, starting at 9.45am, Malcolm Tullet, MD, Risks and Safety Plus, presents the intriguingly titled Stop DOING Health and Safety. Tullet is passionate about how businesses and organisations manage their risks and actively campaigns against more and more legislation that, he considers, simply protects people's backs. In his view, what we need are straightforward integrated processes that ensure people are healthy and safe at work as a matter of course.

For the full seminar programme please visit: www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk

Practical presentations As well as issue-based seminars there are practical presentations that cover continuing health and safety problems in a straightforward way. Starting at 10.30am on the 23rd February, Ian Samson: training specialist (EMEA), DuPont Personal Protection looks at Dressing and Undressing Procedures for Chemical Clothing with other PPE. The presentation will look at how to don and doff chemical protective coveralls while wearing other PPE.

On day two of the event, Jo Partridge of 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety will look at Respiratory Protective Equipment: Selection, Use and Maintenance.

Commenting on the issues she will be covering, Partridge said: "Correctly selected, well fitted RPE will help your employees stay protected.My intention during this seminar is to help you make the most of your investment, get the level of protection you need and bring you up-to-date with current market guidance in this field."

Lots to see In addition to the educational content of the event there is a substantial exhibition.Major areas of health and safety are covered, with PPE represented by such major names as: 3M, Specsavers Optical Superstores, ATG, Ansell, BM Polyco and DuPont. There is concern currently about PPE equipment that is essentially a cheap copy of original equipment, or equipment that comes with falsified CE certificates. Exhibitors at Health and Safety '10 - South can give advice on how to spot counterfeit and illegal equipment as well as discussing individual applications.

With the implementation of the New Machinery Directive at the end of 2009, questions on machinery safety and hardware can be addressed by Laidler Associates and Safety Systems, while general risk assessment advice can be sourced from companies such as Aviva Risk Management Solutions and Cardinus.

The combination of the seminar programme and the extensive exhibition make the Health and Safety '10 - South a key event for those in the South of England. For those based elsewhere in England or Scotland, information on alternative locations can be found at: www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk.

To register for any of the events, please visit the website or call the number below.