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15 May 2014

Splitting, saving, and preserving BEKOSPLIT®: economical, environmentally friendly emulsion treatment

Clean separation with environmential benefits: the BEKOSPLIT® method

One litre of oil contaminates 1,000,000 litres of groundwater. Therefore, the legislator stipulates the professional and responsible handling of emulsified condensates which accumulate during many production processes. In many cases, processing according to purely physical gravitational separation is not sufficient.
Environmentally-friendly processing
The BEKOSPLIT® splitting plant allows for reliable, economic, and in-house processing of emulsified condensates that accumulated as a result of unfavourable initial conditions, or due to certain lubricant/compressor combinations. Water-insoluble organic pollution, such as oils and solid impurities, is removed via the addition of a special alumina mineral. Subsequently, the outflowing water, that is pollution-free, can directly be introduced into the wastewater system.
Cost-effective operation
Compared with other methods, BEKOSPLIT® offers convincing advantages: the plant operates with low splitting agent consumption, long filter service lives, and electronic monitoring of the operating states. Moreover, it is easy to handle, reliable in processing, economical as far as operation is concerned, and it only requires rather little maintenance effort. BEKOSPLIT® has also proved itself at an international level: BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is the global market leader regarding emulsion splitting plants for compressed-air condensates.
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