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Megger streamlines PAT testing for professionals

18 June 2014

Fast to use, light to carry and featuring a convenient internal database for results storage, portable appliance testers in Megger’s new professional range are available in versions optimised to suit the needs of all types of users who regularly carry out PAT testing. Key benefits of the new instruments include rapid start up, instant restart after temporary disconnection when moving between test locations and optional barcode support to aid rapid asset identification.

Megger’s new professional PAT tester range comprises three models: the PAT410, which is an ideal choice for use in office and IT environments; the PAT420, which is equally at home in commercial, industrial and construction environments; and the PAT450, which is optimised for use by service organisations and tool hire companies.

The new testers offer both manual and automatic operation and, when they are used in automatic mode, the test structure can readily be configured to suit specific requirements. This means, for example, that a supervisor can pre-define a test structure for a specific application, and then be sure that all tests are performed exactly as required, irrespective of who carries out the actual testing work.

Efficient handling of test results is another important characteristic of these innovative instruments. They have an integral multiuser database with ten times the capacity of a typical downloading PAT tester, and they use a flat data structure that enhances traceability as well as making it easy to set up assets and to find the data associated with them. Results can also be stored in test groups, and there is no limit to the length of the group names.

These can, therefore, be made descriptive and easy to understand, which is an important aid to testing efficiency.