Hiring solutions

02 August 2017

Steve Dennis, MD of Clean Sweep UK, believes that, whether it's a scrubber dryer or pressure washer, there are gains to be made by hiring cleaning equipment.

Dennis says that since the economic crisis, there has been an increase in the number of businesses, ranging from SMEs to multi-nationals, that have been turning to hiring cleaning equipment. Whilst the short-term cash flow gain is apparent, he says this is just the tip of the iceburg: "For a relatively low fee you get to choose from the very latest in cleaning equipment technology, safe in the knowldege that it has been properly maintained, cleaned and serviced."

Often when you hire a machine it will come with full maintenance and servicing included as standard.


Sometimes you just can’t predict when you will need specialist cleaning equipment. When you hire you can get the machine you need, often by the following working day and experts will be on hand to provide advice on what machine best suits the job at hand, and can visit your site to do a full inspection before sending machinery to you. These machines can be quite complex, training is included for all your operatives.

Keep up-to-date

The cleaning industry is seeing its greatest rate of technological change to date, with more efficient and productive machines continuously rolling off the production line. When you hire you’ll be able to choose from a range of the latest machines, meaning you can hire for the period you require the equipment for, and then the next time it is required you’ll have access to the most modern version, fully cleaned and serviced. Having a shiny new machine each time can be of particular importance to customer facing organisations, where the equipment is visible to the public.

Trial Equipment

Its often a benefit that is overlooked, but why not try before you buy? Purchasing machinery is a big commitment and a big capital outlay, so hiring your suspected desired machine for a few weeks to ensure it does the required job before purchasing outright can provide peace of mind. Plus, you’ll have had access to that expert advice when you take out a hire, so you know you’ll be getting the perfect machine. By trialling a machine, it allows you to test the machine's capabilities, the frequency with which you use the equipment, its flexibility and increase in efficiency it delivers, all making capital purchasing decisions intelligent ones.

Cost Effective

There is of course still the greatest benefit of hiring equipment, which is the effect it has on your bottom line compared to purchasing machinery outright. Hi-tech cleaning machiney is expensive to purchase and involves a number of extra costs, including registration fees, storage, maintenance and the inevitable repairs. With hire, there is no significant upfront outlay, freeing up capital to be used elsewhere in the business. Hiring is also fully tax deductiable, and unlike capital equipment, comes off your tax bill in the first year. Plus, there will be no servicing bills and you’ll get the latest equipment delivered immediately, saving you money and avoiding potential delays.

Whether you need a quick solution during peak periods, have an occasional need for specialist cleaning equipment, or simply want the hassle taken out of purchasing, maintaining and operating cleaning equipment, hiring is an easy, safe, cost-effective and time-saving solution that more and more organisations are turning to.