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Altus enhances sustainability with kolb's recyclable packaging

09 July 2024

ALTUS GROUP has announced that its pre-eminent supplier, kolb Cleaning Technology, has transitioned to fully recyclable packaging for several of their cleaning products. This change aligns with Altus' commitment to providing sustainable solutions in the electronics manufacturing industry.

kolb has introduced recyclable packaging for their ContraFlux and MultiEx cleaners, as well as most of their special cleaners. These products will now be delivered in grey canisters made from 100% recycled material, replacing the previous blue containers. 

This initiative represents a step forward in reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility. The recyclable canisters can be easily processed locally after use, contributing to resource conservation.

"At Altus, we strive to offer our customers high-quality products that meet their diverse needs. We're pleased to support kolb's transition to recyclable packaging for some of their cleaning products," said Joe Booth, Altus CEO.

"This change allows us to better serve our customers who are increasingly looking for more sustainable options in their manufacturing processes, without compromising on performance or quality."

Altus' commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated by their recent addition of kolb's award-winning WPCL-EU module to their product portfolio. This innovative 'zero discharge' rinse water treatment module enhances Altus' ability to offer cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solutions to their customers.

By offering kolb's products with recyclable packaging and sustainable cleaning technologies, Altus continues to provide environmentally responsible options for the electronics manufacturing sector.