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Employee data science training

18 June 2024

"UPSKILLING ENGINEERING and manufacturing companies in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity to stay relevant and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution," explains Ben Atha, founder of the Developer Academy.

By integrating AI and data science, companies can leverage predictive analytics to foresee maintenance needs, optimise supply chains, and reduce downtime, thereby cutting costs and increasing productivity. 

The Development Academy provides two government-funded bootcamps to UK manufacturing businesses to improves operational efficiency and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Courses are 90% funded and accessible route enhancing current roles and/or expanding skills for future progression. Companies can choose one or both bootcamps.

Course Overview 

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bootcamp has been designed with engineering and manufacturing companies to empower learners with innovative skills utilising AI within an organisation. 

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The Deep Learning and Foundation Models bootcamp empowers employees to harness cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to optimise processes, enhance predictive maintenance, improve quality control, and drive innovation, ultimately fostering efficiency, precision, and competitiveness in their operations.

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