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Speedor Lite joins Hart's high speed door range

30 April 2021

HART DOORS, a designer and manufacturer of industrial door systems including high speed roller doors and commercial roller shutters, has completed the installation of its first Speedor Lite, a new variant of itsĀ Speedor range.

The installation is in a temporary Rubb building at Hart’s headquarters. Melanie Rosby, Hart’s marketing manager, comments: “Rubb is a leading provider of high-quality fabric buildings worldwide and we have good links with them. Speedor Lite is ideal for use within a facility especially if compartmentalisation is required.

“Rubb’s temporary building gave us an opportunity to launch the new variant. Speedor Lite retains automatic operation, high-speed and robust engineering for high-traffic situations as associated with the Speedor brand and is therefore a valuable asset in any situation where energy-saving, dust control and so on are important.” 

Hart’s Speedor high speed door system now features a range of seven automatic, high speed door variants from its Speedor Storm door to Speedor Lite. Together Speedors offer a wide choice of models for use internally or externally across an almost limitless manufacturing sectors – for busy, high-traffic, situations, energy saving, clean room, warehouse/loading bays, vermin and dust control, heat sensitive production processes and hazardous areas. 

Rosby continues: “Across the range the focus is on high performance, innovative and robust design which has tried and tested durability and requires minimal maintenance. By delivering high speed automatic and easy opening in busy high traffic situations, Speedor Lite saves time and money.” 

For more information, call: (0)191 214 0404 or visit: www.hartdoors.com/speedor-lite