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How digital printing can save your time?

26 October 2023

At GSM Online Labels Sales we understand that time is very important so we like to help wherever possible. Our digital printing is a good example of how.

What we can digitally print onto

When speaking about digital printing we might imagine a desktop printer that has printed a very pixelated image from ‘clipart’ onto a piece of A4 paper however digital printing, it’s quality and what can be printed onto has evolved massively.

Quite simply, digital printing means that the image or data printed has been sourced from a digital medium. Our investment into the latest technology ensures we are always at the forefront in the printing world. Digital printing is no exception. Once upon a time we were the only company in the UK who could digitally print onto anodised aluminium and our capabilities continue to evolve.

We focus on printing onto metal and plastic substrates. We generally find that companies who order serial number labels require a UV resistant and waterproof label. Because of this we offer under-surface, polycarbonate or anodised aluminium that are digitally printed. 

Both digitally printed options are suitable for outdoor use and are UV resistant.

How it saves you time

Not that long ago, serialisation of labels and plates was done by either engraving the plate or stamping the number. It could be written onto a plastic label but that is not always the most aesthetically pleasing method.

Digital printing gives us the capability to be able to make each label different. This means we can add bespoke information like serial numbers to the plate which would save time compared to stamping them.

Serialisation of items is used in many different ways for many different reasons. It is a way to locate items which is particularly useful for the warehousing and logistics industry. It is a way of sequentially numbering assets for inventory and also production identification and personalisation.

Having a pre-printed serial or sequential number stops the need for someone within your company to spend time stamping or writing the number onto the label therefore saving time. This also reduces the chances of human error when marking the plates and therefore saving more time.

Please view our range of plastic, digitally printed serial number labels and anodised aluminium, digitally printed serial number plates.

If you require a bespoke size, please call us or visit www.gsmonlinelabelsales.co.uk