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Explore GSM's anodising department

08 May 2024

FOR 50 years we have proudly manufactured our anodised aluminium labels, nameplates and fascias at our factory in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Over the decades our business has grown dramatically and so has our site. The building has expanded to house our; production, sales, quality, finance, marketing and graphic design teams. Having all our departments running in-house ensures seamless correspondence with each team providing an efficient order and manufacture process for your labels.

State-of-the-art anodising plant

Of the varying production departments, we will take a closer look at our anodising plant. Overseen by one of GSM Graphic Arts longest serving team members having worked at GSM for almost 30 years, its safe to say that the team is highly experienced.

Undergoing many facelifts’ over the years due to advances in technology, we now have a state-of-the-art anodising plant and that coupled with the experience of our team makes for an expertly made aluminium nameplate or label. The latest update to the anodising plant included a bespoke tank, this enabled us to increase productivity and increase capacity.

The anodising process involves chemicals which our team are trained (in depth) how to use to anodise but more importantly we invest heavily in chemical health and safety training to protect our workforce. The chemicals that we use must be disposed of and therefore GSM Graphic Arts uses a chemical waste specialist to responsibly dispose of the chemicals used in the process.

Quality is our highest priority

As with all departments at GSM, quality is very important. To ensure the labels that we are manufacturing continue to stay on target for completion our team are trained to spot any issue with the material that may impact on the process or any further processes. This is part of our commitment to providing quality products that are manufactured to your specification.

Once we have anodised the labels, they continue their journey through various departments before making their way to you. Due to the experience and dedication from our expert team we can manufacture aluminium labels that are durable and hard-wearing for use in internal and external applications. Our capabilities with anodising are not limited to anodised labels, we can also manufacture aluminium control panels, nameplates and fascias.