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Government’s COVID-19 Secure document recommends temporary barriers

17 February 2021

A NEW Government document focusing on the design principles for safer urban centres and green spaces has recommended the use of temporary barriers in both areas.

The guidance in ‘COVID-19 Secure: Safer Public Spaces’ is for owners and operators of public spaces in England and aims to keep people safe when Coronavirus restrictions are eased.

Temporary barriers are already proving to be indispensable for companies and authorities across the UK as they seek to enforce social distancing in all manner of situations.

The products, which offer an affordable, convenient and extremely flexible solution to the ever changing demands of people segregation under COVID-19, are extensively used to safely manage queues, segregate pathways, isolate workers and help designate seating areas – as well as a host of other uses.

Neil Cox, UK sales manager for McCue/Banner Stakes, a leading manufacturer and innovator of temporary barriers said: “Demand for our temporary barriers has never been higher – and we’re proud to be on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. This government advice is welcome – and outlines what our clients already know: Our temporary barriers are the go-to tool for enforcing people compliance in key areas in order to adhere to Coronavirus restrictions.”

The Government document recommends the following for urban centres:

  • Footway widening to accommodate distancing between pedestrians, including the use of temporary barriers in the carriageway
  • Defined areas to indicate where pedestrians should stand when queuing using temporary barriers
  • Management of multiple queues for different businesses through clear signs, using barriers, and the use of marshals as appropriate.

It goes on to recommend considerations for outdoor stalls, outdoor seating and in marketplaces: 

  • Consider designating seating areas using temporary measures such as physical barriers to maintain distance between pedestrians and customers.

The advice continues to consider the utilisation of pedestrian space:

  • Footway widening to accommodate distancing between pedestrians, including through use of temporary barriers, changes to parking bays, and cycle lanes.

Finally, it asks operators of green spaces to consider queueing:

  • Defined areas to indicate where pedestrians should stand when queuing using temporary barriers.

The timely advice comes as the possibility of a coronavirus vaccine nears – although it is unlikely life will be back to normal before winter 2021. With restrictions needing to be enforced by law, it is important companies heed the Government advice and implement social distancing techniques now.

Neil Cox from McCue/Banner stakes added: “We’re primed to help people through this troubled time. Our barriers really do offer companies the flexibility and peace of mind they deserve – and we’re always happy to help with the critical set-up if needed.”

As Coronavirus threatens to rumble on through most of the year, the government document should offer some help for companies who are already battling with the many downsides of COVID-19.