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Addressing the impact of storms on industrial premises

16 May 2024

As UK industry moves to address the impact of climate change, many industrial premises have unique door and shutter requirements requiring bespoke solutions, says Chris Dobson

STORM ARWEN was the first major climate change-induced storm to hit the British Isles and one of the many damaged properties was a grain silo in an isolated valley in Northumberland.

The damage caused to steel shutters was immense and resulted in Hart Door Systems of Newcastle upon Tyne, the industrial door and security shutters manufacturer, being awarded a contract to replace the entire north facing shutters.

This showed the danger faced by industry, a point not lost on Hart, which offers leading brands such as Speedor high-speed doors, Firebrand fire shutters and Terror Screen and Typhoon industrial roller shutters.

The company's current projects include international airports, automotive and general manufacturing, security and confectionary , many of which are major contributors to the UK’s economy.

The need for bespoke solutions

As Hart’s MD Nick Hart explains, "there are situations across all sectors where solutions to door and shutter requirements are similar but in very many cases solutions are uniquely different which is where Hart’s design and manufacturing originality is essential. We are delivering an important asset for our clients.

"Just as our clients thrive on innovation so must we. In particular the pressure on us all in respect of climate change means Hart has a crucial role to play through its leading Speedor brand which is in use throughout the UK and on seven continents globally," he continues.

“Apart from Speedor’s proven track record over the years for energy saving and general efficiency, each Speedor can be customised according to specific requirements  in addition to its general reputation for durability and reliability, speed of operation and in these times of Climate Change, a very important reduced environmental impact.

"Presently Hart is involved in projects at a specialist manufacturer, a regional retailer, a national food ingredients producer and an overseas high-value retailer. So from protection from storms to protection from villains, we deliver the right door systems for each project."

Finding a door solution for extreme environments 

What stands out in Hart’s product range is Speedor STORM. Aptly named as we all face climate issues, Speedor STORM is Hart Door Systems’ premium door for frequent use in high traffic situations and extreme environments.

This high performing door has wind resistance to class 5 in the closed position and available up to 8m wide and 8m high or 46sqm maximum. All Speedor models are all designed for frequent use in high traffic situations and low maintenance. Due to its automatic and fast operation, traffic flow and internal temperatures can be controlled more efficiently and cost effectively, potentially returning large payback by increased environmental control and reduced energy cost.

Given the number of storms to hit the British Isles so far this year it is little wonder that Speedor STORM is Hart’s best-selling door for those faced with challenging applications in sectors such as Factories, Storage, Distribution warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Food Production, Manufacturing, Refuse/Waste Plants and exposed warehouses.

This high-performance exterior roller storm door is designed for frequent use in high traffic situations and constructed to withstand harsh environments and challenging applications. Its  unique guide system offers exceptional wind resistance up to class 5 as defined by DIN EN 12424.

Chris Dobson is media adviser to Hart Door Systems

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