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Head and eye protection in one

16 June 2019

The new EVO VISTA helmet from JSP is an innovative, feature-rich helmet which incorporates a fully retractable optical class 1 faceshield or overspec within the helmet.

JSP’s research and development team were inspired by feedback received from people who regularly have to wear head protection alongside eye protection. A common theme was not only the compatibility issue but also the amount of eyewear lost or damaged on site after issue. 

The EVO VISTA helmet has not only been designed to meet a standard but to exceed it on many levels. It combines a super strong ABS shell with the choice of either a EVO VISTAlens or a EVO VISTAshield, depending on the levels of protection and performance required. 

The EVO VISTAlens functions like a spectacle but offers increased levels of protection to EN 166B 2C-1.2 FT and the EVO VISTAshield conforms to EN166 2C-1.2 with impact rating of grade AT. Both are optical class 1 and have anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings offering impact protection at extreme temperatures and UV protection. 

The new technology of the fully adjustable pivot arms in the EVO VISTA helmet allows the lens and shield to be deployed outwards and over prescription spectacles. 

JSP prioritise the needs and safety of the wearer and the safety cell concept of the EVO VISTA helmet with the dual shell technology demonstrates this commitment by providing additional protection. The safety cell prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and being in contact with the scalp as well as preventing the faceshield or overspec from impacting the scalp should it be forced back on impact. 

The EVO VISTA helmet is fully compatible with JSP respirators such as the Force 8 PressToCheck and the Sonis helmet mounted ear defender range. The integrated eyewear is fully retractable and protected from scratching when not in use, easily deployed when needed, and fits anyone with prescription spectacles, saving companies money, time and worry.