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Alicat releases MFC for bioreactors

24 September 2019

The BIO series of mass flow controllers from Alicat are designed for those involved in bioreactor construction and upstream or downstream processes.

They are said to offer the highest reliability in the industry, with a lifetime warranty and resistance to in-line water contamination.

Based on Alicat’s solid state sensor design, these units offer the same accuracy and speed advantages designed into every Alicat. Ultra-fast response times as low as 10ms to enable Pharma 4.0. Controllable ranges exceeding 2000:1, often eliminating the need for multiple gas lines. Accuracy is as low as .1% of full scale or .5% of reading.

All Alicat -BIO Controllers and Meters include features tailored to the unique needs of the bioprocessing/biopharmaceutical industry. 

  • USP Class VI FDA-grade corrosion resistant elastomers are standard to prevent contamination of fragile bioreaction environments. 
  • 316L stainless steel construction of flow bodies and elements are standard to meet BPE-2016 requirements. 
  • High-speed EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP interfaces are an option to meet or exceed Pharma 4.0 requirements
  • An ultrasharp, modern color display is present to provide at a glance understanding of your processes status. 
  • Every unit has innovative features like 'gas select' which allows any unit to be used with CO2, Air, O2, N2 or over 100 other gases with no loss of precision or need for recalibration. 
  • Units also include 'drive display', allowing new ways to monitor the health of your gas flow process. 
  • IP66 ingression protection is available as an option, should your operating environment demand it. 

You might think that a Mass Flow Controller with such innovative features and unmatched precision would come with an unattainable price tag or an inflexible design. Alicat always manufactures with the needs of our customers in mind, so every BIO is available with a wide range of build options, process connections, protocols and digital interfaces to match almost every imaginable bioreactor design. The Bio series is suitable for many types of bioreactors and bioprocess applications; biologics production, biosimilar development, biofuel production, nuticeutical development and much, much more.  

To learn more, or get a quotation, visit: https://www.alicat.com/quote/