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On-Site servicing of industrial printers

03 February 2022

PREVIOUSLY ONLY available across Europe on its Printronix Auto ID industrial enterprise devices, TSC Auto ID Technology EMEA has rolled out its comprehensive On-Site Service Program across its entire range of industrial and industrial enterprise printers, TSC and Printronix Auto ID.

For businesses, even short, unplanned disruptions and failures can add time delays and costs upstream and downstream. By making the On-Site Service Program available across the complete range of TSC industrial and Printronix Auto ID industrial enterprise printers, customers can now benefit from increased operational availability, consistently high print quality and longer life for the hardware itself.

“Whether you’re a large or small company, you don‘t need unpleasant surprises, in supply chain productivity, you need to keep things moving and ensure your printers are performing optimally at all times,“ says André van Swaaij, manager services and customer solutions TSC Auto ID Technology EMEA.

The On-Site Service Program can be purchased with any new TSC industrial printer and Printronix Auto ID industrial enterprise printer, or added later. It helps not only keep businesses up and running but also gives them known service costs. The Program ensures TSC devices are kept in good order by certified TSC technicians and include labour costs, travel expenses (up to 150kms) and genuine spare parts.

Bringing service programmes on TSC printers in line with Printronix Auto ID devices means TSC can now consistently and cost-effectively support both brands and enable customers to remain at peak productivity at all times.

“Having tailor-made service and maintenance contracts on both TSC and Printronix Auto ID industrial and industrial enterprise printers helps companies forecast service costs over a fixed period of time allowing complex work to be planned and budgeted for. Faults can also be quickly and professionally resolved, and defective devices repaired at short notice or exchanged,” explains van Swaaij.

In addition to its 2-year guarantee, TSC printer customers can also extend their warranties to three, four or five years, providing they take out the policy within 30 days of purchasing the printer. The company offers two options:

  • Priority Guarantee: Includes repairs if electrical parts malfunction, replacement of defective components with genuine spare parts, labour costs, cleaning, adjustments and function testing.
  • Comprehensive Warranty Coverage: Includes everything in Priority Guarantee plus replacement of wear parts such as platen rollers and print heads.