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Rescue nut and bolt extractor set

28 April 2021

LAUNCHED BY C.K Tools, the Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set quickly and efficiently removes broken/damaged nuts, bolts and fasteners.

The new Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set (T4360) joins the company's Damaged Screw Remover Set and is designed to alleviate what can be an arduous, time consuming process.

Features & benefits

The C.K Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set provides a hassle-free solution, featuring high quality patented extractor inserts for Ring Spanners and Sockets, that securely grip all round, and effortlessly remove fasteners with up to 85% damaged or worn corners. Suitable for a wide range of applications, other key features and benefits include:

  • Adapters for fixings sized 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17mm.
  • Works on a range of fasteners e.g. 6 point, 12 point, Hex and Spline.
  • Adapts just two socket/ring spanner sizes to fit 10 different fasteners (sizes 8-17mm).
  • 8-12mm inserts suit 14mm wrench/ 12-17mm inserts suit 19mm wrench.
  • Special flange designed to prevent fall through.

A real time and effort saver for busy tradespeople, the new C.K Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set (T4360) is packed in a convenient compact carry case, with clearly marked slots to easily identify the most suitable size to work with.  

For more product information please contact CKI Sales on 01758 704704, or visit: www.carlkammerling.com