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SAFEDyVac: Providing perfect bagging results

19 July 2023

CONTAINERS AND lines: when these two components are matched perfectly with the product to be filled, customers get a bagging result that sets new standards for cleanliness, weight accuracy, filling performance and compaction.

Packaging machinery manufacturer Greif-Velox and paper sack manufacturer dy-pack - both global leaders in their respective markets - have combined their expertise precisely to this end. Together they have developed three optimised bag types under the name SAFEDyVac to create savings and higher end-customer satisfaction for users bagging ultra-fine powders with VeloVac vacuum technology.

The packaging outcome of a bagging line can only be as good as the container it is used to fill - and vice versa. Both Greif-Velox and dy-pack design their products with a focus on maximising customer value. With VeloVac, Greif-Velox offers users bagging ultra-light powders (such as carbon black for battery manufacturing or silica for hygiene products) a vacuum technology that compacts and fills so cleanly that users can save up to 75% on storage and logistics, among other benefits.

For maximum efficiency, using a container that is optimised for the line and the product in question is essential: a paper valve sack delivers both sufficient venting during filling and the required product protection. Together, Greif-Velox and dy-pack have now closed this gap in vacuum bagging at the interface between the line and the container.

Dust-free bagging leading to visibly clean pallets

The two companies have developed three bag versions for the bagging of various ultra-light powders: the SAFEDyVac ECO, the SAFEDyVac Advanced and the SAFEDyVac Professional. These bags optimally cover segment-specific requirements for product protection and performance. Should a customer have additional requirements, such as hazardous goods approval, the manufacturers also offer bespoke customer solutions.

For example, to meet the stringent requirements and purity regulations for bagging lamp black for battery manufacture, the SAFEDyVac Professional is equipped with optimum moisture protection and special venting technology. The SAFEDyVac ECO is ideal for customers who need sustainable, completely recyclable packaging. Bagging outcomes are optimised as a result of these new packaging developments as the line and the container are precisely matched to individual customer products. All bags ensure a dust-free and clean pallet appearance with bags that are optimally compacted and dimensionally stable.

Leaner development and validation process

Defining three standard bag dimensions for conducting bagging trials creates significant benefits for users. First, the development process is leaner— the time required to determine optimum bag dimensions for product packaging during trials is cut in half. Second, the results are comparable, enabling more precise statements to be made about bagging behavior. This leaner development and validation process costs an average of 30% less than the typical expenditure. Using standard, in-stock materials also means better availability of the containers required.

Lower logistics costs through optimised packaging design

Not only are the paper packaging, development and validation process significantly improved with SAFEDyVac, both companies have gone one step further - the final packaging concept is optimised for the maximum possible product quantity and packing size. Using Greif-Velox’s VeloVac already condenses the product so much that customers save up to 75% on storage and logistics costs as compared to conventional processes. Optimization work on the packaging concept now means that available container space is fully utilised without leading to chafing damage. Using available container space efficiently not only reduces customers’ storage and transport costs, but also benefits the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

Better filling accuracy, filling performance, sustainability and cleanliness

"In this partnership, we’re able to not only develop bags tailored to the line, but also perfectly match our lines to the container," says Sebastian Pohl, director sales and marketing at Greif-Velox. "There’s never been anything like this before." 

Bernd Lamers, customer service manager at dy-pack adds: "This concentration of expertise in the development of efficient equipment and intelligent packaging design offers clearly-measurable benefits to our customers in terms of filling accuracy, filling performance, sustainability and cleanliness."