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UK steel supplier expands to meet demand

14 January 2019

UK steel importer and distributor, COBI Solutions, has moved to larger premises in Kidderminster following continued growth in the UK and international markets.

COBI Solutions, trading as COBI Global, imports and distributes of all types of prime and non-prime steel products, including both finished and semi-finished steel and raw materials, and cut-to-length, sheets and slits. 

The move follows sustained growth in sales, and a number of new and exclusive partner agreements, including Steel Invest. The larger and UK central premises will allow the company to further expand operations to meet growing demand for quality steel products at low prices. 

The company, which has long established relationships with some of the world’s leading steel producers, supplies customers with top quality, low cost steel via its UK stocks or direct from the producing mills. It offers flexible credit terms and quick delivery to customers in the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

Managing director, Chad Ward, says: “Moving to our new, larger premises in Kidderminster not only allows us to continue with our expansion plans, it also brings us closer to the heart of the UK’s manufacturing industry, allowing businesses to benefit from better quality steel and raw materials, as well as lower prices and quick delivery”. 

Ward continues: “Like many businesses preparing for departure from the EU, we’ve strategically put in place new agreements with quality suppliers from non-EU countries and domestic sources. Also, following the introduction of section 232, which restricts US imports and increases duties on steel and aluminium, we’re already seeing a significant shift in the global steel market.  We see these changes as opportunities for us to safeguard and grow our domestic market, expand within international markets and deliver real value to all customers.”